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At we’re obsessed with careers, jobs and more importantly helping people find the perfect job, career or vocation for them.

Since we spend one-third of our life working, finding work you enjoy is critically important to overall happiness.

Our researchers and writers:

LaToya Anderson

I’m a former News Reporter and remain a Research Journalist with a passion for discovering careers to help people identify the vast number of professions and overall job opportunities available. During my tenure as a Reporter, I trained many high school students in choosing the ideal career pathway by identifying their strong skills and honing them. I like to contact companies to find out what positions are most critical to their operation, then highlight these. I search for positions that we often hear little or nothing about, like a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, a Prosthetist, or even a Backend Engineer, like my daughter. Choosing the ideal career means knowing what the options are and that’s where I come in with more than two decades of research experience. You’ll find me near the river, ocean, hiking, or cooking when I’m not writing. Happy reading!