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Can You Be an Uber Driver With a Pickup Truck?

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Driving Uber can be an incredibly rewarding experience, even if you’re not just doing it to earn some extra money on the side –  when you’re doing it as your full-time job. However, depending on where you live, certain types of vehicles may not be eligible at all. Thankfully, there are options that fit every lifestyle and budget!

You can be an Uber driver with a pickup truck if it’s a 4-door vehicle!

What Types of Pickup Trucks Would Qualify?

A white pick-up truck on a dirt road in the mountains.

Most cities require that rideshare vehicles have four doors and two rows of seats. That makes most pickup trucks – including extended-cab and crew cab options – eligible for driving jobs. In fact, it’s not unusual for owners of full-size pickups like F150s and F250s to work as Uber drivers in their free time.

The same can be said for many people who have purchased mid-sized pickups like Tacoma or 4-door Colorado models.

What Are The Requirements for Driving Uber in a Pickup Truck?

To become a driver for Uber, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. For example, Uber drivers can’t have a salvaged title. Your truck also has to be newer than 15 years old.

No commercial advertisements are allowed on your vehicle unless it’s one of their advertising partners. Then you have to be at least 21 and pass a background check.

If I Recently Had an Accident, Do I Still Qualify?

In order to qualify as an Uber driver, you must not have more than 3 moving violations or accidents in your past 3 years of driving. Also, no DUIs within 7 years.

Potential Hazards of Being an Uber Driver In a Pickup Truck

If you decide that you want to be an Uber driver using your pickup, it is important to think about some of the potential hazards. In most cases, these dangers can be managed or even eliminated. Most of all, remember that driving will cause stress on its own.

By being aware of some of these risks and taking precautions against them, drivers are more likely to have safe rides.


As in most cities, driving in large urban areas means maneuvering through tight streets and intersections. While both cars and pickup trucks have evolved over time (the latter growing in size and girth), there’s a good chance that you’ll do more U-turns, swerves, and sidesteps to get around town. A pickup truck might not be ideal for tight parking spaces:

Parking in cities is already tricky, and while some pickup trucks have better turning radiuses than others, there are still times when they simply won’t fit into tight spots.


One of your biggest responsibilities as a driver is ensuring you get your riders safely from point A to point B. Drunk people may have a hard time getting in and out of your truck; some even misjudge how close they are to vehicles, other pedestrians, and even moving objects. If you have passengers who are intoxicated, make sure you have a running board so they can easily maneuver in and out of your vehicle.

And if someone wants you to drive faster than feels safe, politely decline.


Little boy riding at the back of a pick-up truck together with his mother.

One of the more common safety concerns surrounding ride-sharing is that riders may want to ride in the bed of your truck. Anecdotally, it seems that drivers who have done this get very few requests to do so and some drivers don’t allow passengers to ride in the bed of their truck at all. It’s illegal in most areas for a passenger to ride in the bed of your truck, which can come with a hefty fine, so check local laws before letting your riders indulge in this kind of fun.

But if you do want to offer this service, ensure you’re properly covered under your insurance policy first.

Tips For Being a Good Uber Driver in Your Pickup

A few quick tips for becoming a good Uber driver:

  • Always drive the speed limit.
  • Don’t text while driving.
  • Be careful when turning corners.

Keep Your Truck Clean

Remember, as a professional driver, you represent both yourself and your company with your vehicle—so keep it clean! Keeping things like trash or fast food wrappers in sight can make passengers uncomfortable. Even if they don’t say anything about it at first, their ride won’t feel as special when it looks unkempt.

Special translates into tip-worthy for them. The cleaner your car is from top to bottom, from the dashboard to floor mats, from the radio faceplate to air vents—the better! Also, make sure your truck smells good! (or at least not bad)

Keep Up With Your Pickups Routine Maintenance

Pick-up truck wheel maintenance with mechanic.

Before you start driving for Uber, make sure your vehicle meets all of Uber’s requirements and is in good running condition.

This means regularly checking fluid levels and tire pressure, getting any required maintenance done (this includes oil changes every three months or 3,000 miles), ensuring your vehicle passes regular safety inspections, etc. You’ll also want to keep track of certain important pieces of information throughout your time as an Uber driver; that includes how much mileage you put on your car/truck during each shift/day, as well as other expenses such as gas.

All of these factors will come into play when it comes time to calculate your tax deduction at year-end.

Have a Driver Theme

Put your theme in the front and center of your vehicle; something that stands out, like neon lights on the roof or a TV screen in the headrest. Many websites have unique themes you can put in your car, or you can DIY it by putting one on the back of your seat headrests.

Keep Courtesy Items in Your Car for Guests

To ensure your guests feel welcome, keep courtesy items in your car: masks, hand sanitizer, phone charger, tissues, water. You can ask them if they need anything else before you take off. A small gesture can make all of the difference for some riders, especially at night when it might be hard to get around.

This all might seem unnecessary or financially inconvenient, especially since you have to put gas in your pickup, but it’s all about one word: TIPS.

Tips for Staying Prepared While Driving Uber

Old classic black pick-up truck.

  • Don’t overload your truck bed. If you have too much going on back there, it might look tacky to your riders. Keeping your truck bed clean is part of cleanliness. Try to haul things outside of your shift.
  • Drive at peak hours. You want to fill up your schedule with as many rides as possible, which is why you should try and drive at times of high demand.
  • Finally, be prepared by keeping copies of all relevant documents in your glove box: registration and insurance papers for sure; keeping track of receipts for fuel and maintenance for tax time.

Is it Profitable to Drive Uber in a Pickup Truck?

Refilling a pick-up truck gas tank.

While driving for Uber in a pickup might seem like a good side gig, it may not actually be worth your time. Depending on where you live, you might end up spending most of your earnings on fuel alone. That’s before factoring in any wear and tear on your vehicle or unforeseen repair costs that may arise while you’re out making money.

If you really want to make money as an Uber driver, using your truck may not be viable.