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I Set Up an LLC with Corpnet – This Is What You Need to Know

LLC CorpNet

There are certain events in life you can never forget. The first time you fell in love, got married, had your first child, and when you opened your first business. Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll narrate incredible stories about the obstacles they had to overcome to reach where they are today.

Faced with all the learning and technical jargon revolving around the business formation, it’s easy to throw in the towel. But, don’t be discouraged by the challenges. Being a business owner is quite satisfying and comes with lots of perks.

Any entrepreneur wishing to operate a company in the U.S. can do so by setting up a limited liability company. Suppose you are like me and hate jumping the hoops like applying for a federal tax I.D. number, recruiting a registered agent, drawing up a business structure, etc. In that case, an L.L.C. formation company will come in handy.

Multiple L.L.C. formation firms are offering legal services: including business incorporation, business filing, creating an operating agreement, filing for a business license, and much more. Among the most reputable L.L.C. Formation service providers include Rocket Lawyer LegalZoom and Corpnet.

In this article, as a small business, I seek to share my experience through the entire incorporation service offered by Corpnet. This way, if you are in the market for legal services to open a corporation, you could borrow a couple of pointers from my encounter with the firm.

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Founded in 2009 by Philip and Nellie Akalp, CorpNet is an incorporation service provider. The firm prides itself on providing first-class business legal services. Any business owner requiring help filing a legal document necessary for business incorporation will find them sufficient in 50 states.

With an entrepreneur- a fact that makes her best suited for her position- Nellie Akalp is a small business advocate. To date, CorpNet has managed to assist nearly a million clients in accessing legal services in kick-starting their company.

By being upfront on pricing and dealing honestly with each client, CorpNet has managed to distinguish itself as a trustworthy company to partner with. At the time of writing, the L.L.C. service agent had managed to set-up over 100,000 businesses. The team seeks nothing but 100% customer satisfaction.


The franchise enjoys a majority of positive feedback across Yelp, TrustPilot, Google+, and B.B.B.



Customer Review

As stated earlier, CorpNet prides itself on 100% customer satisfaction, which has gone a long way into ensuring that each client is left with a pleasant experience. Below is the customer feedback about the company:


Starting A Business

CorpNet’s goal is to simplify the process of setting up an entity. Indeed, I found the entire process easy and straightforward. Their team of experts files all the necessary paperwork to ensure you start your limited liability company as soon as possible.

Step-1 Corpnet incorporation step 1

Once you are on CorpNet’s main page, you have to select the type of business you want to register and the state for incorporation. You have the following choices under the drop-down menu: 

  1. Limited Liability Company
  2. S-Corporation
  3. C-Corporation
  4. Non-Profit Corporation
  5. Professional Corporation
  6. Doing Business As (D.B.A.)
  7. Sole Proprietorship
  8. Partnership 

Select the option that best suits your needs. As previously stated, CorpNet can help you start a new business in any of the 50 states. Assuming you’ve done your research on which state is favorable for your business entity, go ahead and pick it from the list. Click on “get started” once done.

Are you having any difficulties with this step? Don’t worry; there’s an easy to use “wizard” designed to aid you in picking the right business structure.

Corpnet incorporation formation wizard


CorpNet incorporation add-on features and options

Here, you get to pick a formation package. There are three L.L.C. service packages at your disposal. In my case, I opted for the basic package, which has a standard processing speed, i.e., 15-20 working days to your doorstep. 

It costs $79, minus the state fee and other add-ons, i.e., registered agent, print delivery, and so on.

For an additional $69, you can have the company file the necessary paperwork for a Federal Tax ID Number (E.I.N.). which is essential for you to open a bank account.


Forming an LLC with CorpNet

CorpNet has genuinely simplified the steps involved in online L.L.C. formation. As you’ve seen by now, most of this procedure is as simple as creating a social media account. In phase three, all you need to do is fill up your name as per your legal document.  

Double-check the information to ensure that everything is right before proceeding. Don’t worry if you miss a step; you will get an opportunity to do so in the last step- before submitting your incorporation paperwork.

If you’re like me and opted for the Basic Package, you can expect to receive your L.L.C. formation certificate and other necessary paperwork in 15-20 days. 

But, as a client in a rush to form a corporation in the U.S., you can settle for the 24-hour processing speed accompaniment.


Payment screen in CorpNet

This is where it gets real! There’s no going back after this as you have multiple payment gateways for your convenience, including Credit Card, Pay Via Phone, PayPal, ApplePay, and GooglePay.

CorpNet Packages

In business, there isn’t such a thing as one size fits all. As a result, you have three base packages and many features and add-ons you can pick from. The packages are as follows:

1. Basic Package

This is the most basic plan on incorporation service. It includes:

  • Name Availability Check

CorpNet’s agents will carry out background checks on your choice of the business name. This way, there’s little likelihood of having your documents rejected.

  • Official Filed Article of Organization

To ensure swift delivery of services, CorpNet’s professional staff will help you get your Articles filled faster and receive your filed paperwork overnight via email and FedEx.

  • Free Corporate Compliance Tool: B.I.Z.

This corporate compliance concierge tool alerts you regarding upcoming important dates, including tax deadlines and annual report filings. With B.I.Z (Business Information Zone), you can also print any legal document stored on the cloud.

  • Standard Processing Speed

This feature is accessible throughout all three packages for FREE! As an upcoming business owner, CorpNet will review, prepare, and submit your legal documentation to the relevant state on your behalf. 

Please note that the ESTIMATED processing speed varies from state-to-state. In the case of Delaware, it’s 15-20 days. Also, no L.L.C. formation firm- LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, CorpNet, or otherwise- controls the state’s processing speed.

Despite this, if you are in a rush and don’t want to leave it to the state, you can opt to pay an additional $310 for the 24-hour processing speed, with a 2-3-day delivery time.

2. Deluxe Package

This is the second entry on the list. It includes:

  • All the Basic package features.
  • 24-Hour Document Preparation

As soon as you finish placing your order, you’ll have it confirmed with the state office ASAP! Once your business name clears, your relevant L.L.C. formation paperwork gets filed within 24 hours.

  • Obtain Federal Tax ID Number (E.I.N.)

Your E.I.N. is used to open a bank account, identify the business entity, report and file tax, and much more.

  • Print Delivery

This innovation is meant to support the global green initiative. As a client, you’ll receive your order paperless in a PDF format. This feature is available to both Deluxe, and Complete subscriptions should you require a hard copy for filing purposes.

Please note that CorpNet charges a standard service fee of $29 across all packages. Also, the state fee varies from one state to state.

3.  Complete Package

Any discerning small business owner on the hunt for a value for money deal will be pleased with this package. The fees for this option begin at $249. It boasts:

  • All the Deluxe benefits
  • Custom Operating Agreement and Minutes

As part of an L.L.C. formation requirement, large, medium, and small business- is required to draw up a business structure. With this feature, CorpNet staff will provide you with a complete document filing service to your request’s specification.

  • Customized L.L.C. Kit & Seal

Most LLCs and Corporations observe endless laws of formalities. With this carefully crafted tool, your Corporation or L.L.C. will be better positioned to comply with these rules. Your L.L.C. Kit and Seal pack come with:

    • Quality Binders, 
    • Matching Slipcase
    • Customized L.L.C. Seal
    •  20 Personalized Member Certificates

The Customized L.L.C. Kit & Seal is also available as an upgrade to any of CorpNet’s packages.

Pros Of Using CorpNet

  • Ease of setting up a business.
  • As one of the most well-established L.L.C. formation legal services provider, it’s highly reputable. It’s among the firms responsible for pioneering online limited liability company registration.
  • The agency prides itself on delivering impeccable customer service. Despite having complaints like any other business service provider, most have been amicably resolved. This has led to happy clients, such as myself.
  • The agency’s 100% satisfaction guarantee means that you are sure of a refund if you are unhappy with the service. No hustle, no fuss!
  • Unknown to some, CorpNet traces its origins to 1997. This means that they are seasoned and know precisely what their w.
  • The use of automation technology makes growing a business easier. With CorpNet, you won’t need additional third-party software like QuickBooks to assist you in accounting. Everything can be done in-house.


  • Compared to its competitors, say ZenBusiness, CorpNet’s Basic service package at $79 is more expensive. Despite this, you can rest assured you are dealing with a firm that knows its way around.


Does Corpnet offer ongoing support?

They take you through every step, and so they have your back. Ongoing customer support provides:

  • Account manager
  • White-label offering
  • Personalized support throughout the program usage
  • Worry-free filing and monitoring
  • Economical services for the clients
  • Alerts and due dates from the online portal
  • Access to view and print option for official documents

Does Corpnet offer a refund to unsatisfied customers?

Yes. You may request a refund, and they will return 100% of the service fees you paid.

How do you get a refund from Corpnet?

Should you want a refund, you can contact their customer service team through this toll-free number.

Should I reserve my L.L.C. name before forming an L.L.C. with Corpnet?

Corpnet knows how to save you both time and money. Thus, they take pride in reserving your LLC name.


[wp-review id=”14862″]

If I had the opportunity to do this all over again, I would love to sample the “Complete” package. This is not to say that the “Basis” isn’t right- it’s enough for a start-up or small business working on a shoestring budget.

The featured add-ons available across all the plans are clear and concisely drawn, making opening and operation a success. With 100,00+ (+me) happy clients, it doesn’t get better than this.

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