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IncFile vs GovDocFiling Comparison


Running a well-established business seems easy until you hear what new business owners have to say. The process is tedious, with a lot of paperwork that needs filing for you to achieve compliance. You need to understand business jargon to be able to file the correct documents. Today, things have been simplified by technology, and you can undertake your company formation at the comfort of your home or office.

Getting information on the dos and don’ts of registering a business is easy. Unlike in the earlier years, the business formation doesn’t need an attorney to file your paperwork.

Back then, everything was a struggle. So much time was lost as you tried to register your business. A significant milestone has been achieved, making the process affordable and easy to access. With the evolution of technology, everything is controlled by your fingertips. At the click of the keyboard, you have your documents filed in less than an hour.

The responsibilities that go with the running of a business entity and making it compliant can be stressful. Online business formation companies like IncFile and GovDicFiling are there to help you manage these stressful situations. They simplify the process of business registration and help you remain in good standing with the authorities. They have easy-to-follow dashboards with simple instructions you can understand.

Incorporating your business has its advantages. As the business owner, you will not be held personally liable in case of any losses or other business obligations. You cannot use your assets to cover any business losses.

Business registration creates trust with the customers and other stakeholders since they know they are dealing with a legitimate business.

In this IncFile and GovDocFiling comparison review, we will be comparing the kind of services they offer. You can also check the independent reviews of IncFile and GovDocFiling to understand in-depth how they work.

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How to start your business with IncFile.

Back in 2004, a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs formed an online-friendly website that offered online business services. So much thought was put into place to ease your business registration-a great relief from all the pain of conducting research, understanding state laws and federal requirements.

The incorporation journey has been made easy such that you don’t have to visit an attorney to help you with the registration process. Attorneys charged hourly fees, which could go from a minimum of $100 to around $1000. This was expensive to small business owners.

The year 2018 and 2019 saw IncFile getting an esteemed award, “Entrepreneur 360 Best Company”, for their mastery in business growth. Entrepreneur 360 focuses on five pillars: Financial Evaluation, Management Efficiency Revenue and Customers, Financial Evaluation, Innovation, and Business Valuation. It gives you more reasons why you should consider the 5-minute online order.

IncFile Services


Getting the right LLC service is every business owner’s desire. But how to get the formation process done in the right way is the tricky part. IncFile online incorporation service provider is a top-notch company that handles the registration process in the best way.

The entire registration process is easy and less time-consuming. All you have to do is to follow the step-by-step instructions and your formation papers are submitted. Ensure that you fill in all information correctly.

  • Registered Agent Services

IncFile registered agent.

IncFile will receive legal documents on behalf of your business and thus helping you to stay compliant. It will help keep your business in good standing, and your privacy is a guarantee. With IncFile, the first year is free.

  • Annual Report

Information about a company’s achievement in the previous year is found in the annual reports. This report also summarizes the company’s mission and history.

Some states require the report to be filed on the anniversary date. In other states, a predetermined date for all entities is set.

  • Foreign Qualification

Are you expanding your business and want to do business out of your registered state? Each state has a set of different laws from where your business is located. Expanding to another state will require authorization. IncFile works for you and provides the certificate of authority.

  • Certificate of Good Standing

Verification from the state’s secretary of state office proves your business is compliant. The certificate will prove you are authorized and registered to operate in your state. The one-page document is also called: Certificate of Status, Certificate of Authorization, or, Certificate of Existence.

  • Change of Registered Agent

The change comes from having a conflict with your existing agent or in need of reorganizing the business. Notify the secretary of state of any change you make. Otherwise, you risk losing some amount to penalties or having your license revoked. Change of Registered Agent filing will save you this trouble.

  • Amendment

An Articles of Amendment form helps you make amendments to your Articles of Incorporation. You should report any significant change, like your entity name or leadership team. Failure to inform your secretary of state may result in hefty penalties.

  • Dissolution

No matter the circumstances leading to the dissolution, it doesn’t make it an enjoyable business phase. That’s why you need a helping hand. IncFile will hold a board meeting, file the Articles of Dissolution, and notify IRS on your behalf.

  • EIN/Tax ID Number

LLCs are taxed as a corporation, sole proprietorship with employees, Single-member and Multiple-member LLCs are required to fill an Employer Identification Number(EIN). After electronically filing for your federal EIN, you will get an emailed copy.

  • Business License Search

A business license shows you are legally operating in your state or locale-no need for guesswork regarding the number of licenses you require. Here for only $99, you get your federal and state certificate depending on your entity.

  • File Business Accounting

They will meet your accounting and taxing needs. No more hiring a bookkeeper or an accountant.

  • Free LLC Filing

As a business owner, filing an LLC comes with significant challenges. Here you will get the service for free. Sounds good? You have no excuse as to why you are not incorporated or registered.

  • File S Corp Tax Election

S Corporation Tax Election reduces your tax burden. To qualify, fill Form 2553 and have a monthly payroll to pay yourself. It might increase your overhead expenses.



How GovDocFiling works.

When registering a business, you aim at making it a legal entity. The process is lengthy and demanding and a lot of patience. Both new and ongoing businesses require essential services to be able to run efficiently. With that in mind, then incorporation service providers are essential.

In 2016, GovDocFiling joined the online incorporation business. As a national business resource center, it has seen hundreds of businesses form. It is good to note that this online business formation will not handle your legal issues.

GovDocFiling Services

  • Legal Services

Legal services for your business.

In partnership with Rocket Lawyer, you will be able to build, save, print, and sign any legal forms. In the future, it is easier to access or amend the saved files from the website. You will also get legal advice on how to protect your business. GovDocFiling has partnered with exceptional and well-experienced team attorneys for high-quality legal services.

They have experience in:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Contractual disputes
  • Mortgage fraud litigation
  • Franchise litigation
  • Corporate forms preparation
  • Business formation
  • Consumer protection litigation
  • Business tort litigation
  • Arbitration


  • Payroll Services

GovDocFiling HR solutions.

HR and payroll needs are necessary to maintain your personnel in the business. You require a reliable tool to manage and track your finances. With ADP solutions, your needs are as good as fulfilled. When writing this review, there is a 20% discount on any payroll service order with ADP.

  • Bookkeeping

GovDocFiling Bookkeeper.

Most banks, businesses, or investors require a particular format used on financials. It is not easy to prepare such reports in an accurate and timely manner. Anything to do with your booking keeping will be fulfilled by A team of bookkeepers will manage your records and financial status using any automatic software. partners with entrepreneurs to offer such services.

  • Financing and Loans

GovDocFiling offers financing and loans for small businesses. They check your credit score and the amount you require.

  • DBA (Doing Business As)

A good business should have a good name that sells your business. Although you can use your legal names, your DBA name should have a sparkle in it. Whereas as a sole proprietor, you don’t want to use your names, then a DBA is a good option. GovDocFiling will help in selecting the name. Please remember that the state, city, and county you are in a while filing for the name.

  • Payment Processing Solutions

Enjoy a simple setup point of sale system that will fast-track your sales. Regardless of whether you are selling online or in person, Square, a partner of GovDocFiling, will ensure safe transactions. They also have a free credit card reader. Payments are made through invoices, appointments, key-ins, swipe, or online payments.

  • Website Design/Marketing

Having a website is a good way of marketing your business and the services you offer. It should have a lovable appearance. GoDaddy has partnered with GovDocFiling to give you the maximum website support. They will make a professional website for you with secure and fast hosting.

IncFile LLC Formation Service Pricing

How does registering a business with $0 sound? IncFile has three affordable business formation packages. These are Silver, Gold, and Platinum.


Out of three, Gold is the favorite of many business owners used. The entry-level package is basic but good if you want the basic registration process. Silver is competitive in the market. Platinum gives the best deal. Here is a summary the LLC formation packages.

Silver Package Features ($0 plus state fee $110)

  • Compliance state filing,
  • Name availability, lifetime alerts, articles of organization, online database,
  • Order status tracking and unlimited customer support
  • One-year of registered agent

Gold Package Features ($149 plus State fee $110)

  • Tax identification
  • Operating agreement and express shipping
  • Banking resolution,
  • The registered agent for a year
  • Business formation plan

Platinum Package Features ($299 plus state fee $110)

  • Compliance filing,
  • Sample document libraries,
  • Business website and domain name, and a
  • A registered agent which is free for one year.

In all 50 states, the charges are different. The package is subject to the state fee of the business formation. Check out if there are discounts and take advantage of any offer.

GovDocFiling LLC Formation Service Pricing

The pricing is not standardized. Applying for your business’s EIN costs quite a fortune which is accessible in IRS.


  1. Will filing a change of agent require me to sign any documents?

In some states, they will require that a member or director of the business sign the documentation necessary to change the registered agent. If your state requires a signature, you will receive a copy of the forms for signature.

      2. How much does it cost to file a Change of Agent?

The state fee varies by state. IncFile will charge a service fee of $0 to change the agent. To get more information on the flat fee in your state, click on the “order now” button, then select the state and entity type.

     3. What information is required to file an Articles of Amendment?

For any amendment, remember to report to your secretary of state to avoid penalties. The vital information you need will include.

  • The current business names
  • The name you would like to change into
  • Any of the recent amendments that you are adopting
  • Amendment date and when adopted In some states, you will be required to file the voting to pass amendments from directors.

Final Verdict

IncFile offers one year of free registered agent service in all three plans. But you cannot customize the features to a standard package as in GovDocFiling. IncFile has lots of upsells, which could end up costing you more than initially planned. GovDocFiling doesn’t have too much upselling on the website.

GovDocFiling has excellent ratings in customer support’s feedback. IncFile has many Email respondents. If you check the customer reviews on Yelp, BBB, and Trustpilot, the firm is not doing well on other fronts. If I look at the review and upselling on the two platforms, I would choose GovDocFiling. The only disadvantage is that you cannot select a standard package for your business.

But again, IncFile wins. With over 250,000 business formations, it shows that they are a good option.