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Interview Strategy: 6 Steps to Follow When You Get An Interview

This is a short and easy post to read. I wanted to give you the six steps you should take for every interview you have. Each step has a link to the detailed instructions about how to perform that step. Here they are:

You must do each of these steps for every interview you go on. Hopefully, you’ve read enough that you’re able to tailor the information you create, particularly in steps 1-3, for each interview. This gives you the best shot at that particular job and is something the majority of applicants do not do.

This seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? And it is, make no mistake about it. However, it’s what the best-prepared applicants do and it’s necessary if you want to be competitive.

When you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be as well prepared as possible. You’ll know the company well from your research. You’ll know how to recap your experience in the way the Hiring Manager wants for that specific position. You’ll be prepared to answer the tough questions and you’ll have questions prepared that you can ask in the interview.

In other words, you’ll be exactly the type of applicant I – and every other Hiring Manager – will want to get in an interview.

Sure, you’ll still be a bit nervous – after all, it is an interview! But let the other candidates stumble due to being jittery and unprepared. As for you, you’ll be thoroughly prepared and able to handle any situation that comes your way in the interview.

So promise yourself that you’ll complete all six steps for every interview. If you do, you’ll be among those very few top candidates that can do a killer interview.

These are the people who get the jobs and now you will be one of them.

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