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24 Jobs That Don’t Need a College Degree or Standing

A man working at the Air Traffic Control of the Airport.

“Eight of the 10 Highest Paying Non-High-Tech, Non-Traded Industries for Non-College-Educated Workers Are in Transportation, Mining, and Utilities,” says The publication goes on to give a list of industries that pay non-degreed workers well, such as software publishers, etc. It shows that there are some industries or jobs that will give you a handsome salary even without a college degree.

In this article, you’ll learn about jobs that don’t have a college degree or need you to stand most of the time.

1. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

A couple of men installing solar panels on the roof.

Job Description: Green energy or other energy alternatives are the in thing these days. Solar power isn’t an exception. Your job involves installing, assembling, and maintaining solar systems or photovoltaic (PV).  It’s an outdoor job, so if you like helping people use solar electricity, go for it.

Education: High school diploma

On-the-Job Training: It involves training in installations and maintenance.

Job Opportunities: The job growth looks good at 51%, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BSL), from 2019-29. In addition, the leading states for solar installations include California, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, etc.

Average Salary: $ 44,890

2. Sound Engineering Technician

A sound engineering technician testing the sound system.

Job Description: If sound systems are your thing, then this job is up for grabs. As an audio engineer or sound mixer, you ensure that media events have a brilliant sound system. Other things you’ll do are recording, synchronizing, blending, reproducing voices, music, or sound effects.

Plus, if you’re bright and breezy and traveling isn’t a bother to you, you’re a good fit for this job.

Education: You don’t need a bachelor’s degree for this job, but a postsecondary certificate or associate degree will do.

On-the-Job Training: It may not be required.

Job Opportunities: You can find jobs in common industries, such as radio, T.V. recording and movies, sporting arenas, and video productions. 9% growth rate, BSL.

Average Salary: $45,510

3. Margin Department Supervisor

Job Description: It’s a job that doesn’t need standing most of the time. Your main task is to manage a company’s credit section, approving or saying no to customers’ credit applications.  You’re also the guy or gal who makes sure your organization keeps an eye on Federal policies and regulations.

Skills like team management, debt analysis, accounting principles, etc., are a must-have for this job. Your company may also need you to initiate departmental strategies to improve performance and boost profit.

Education: You’ll need a high school diploma and an understanding of essential processes.

Job Opportunities: Department Clothing and Shoe Stores like H & M, Best Buy, etc., are examples of businesses that hire department supervisors. 15 % projected growth rate, BSL.

On-the-Job Training: You may want it, but it’s moderate.

Average Salary: $74,799

4. Air-Traffic Controller (ATC)

A close look at Air Traffic Controllers at work.

Job Description With this job, you gotta be prepared to work night shifts, including holidays and weekends. You should also do well in a rigorous test by FAA, covering mental stability tests and health checks. Some of your duties include directing and monitoring in-air traffic, for example, taking off or landing and taking charge of in-air emergencies.

Education: You don’t need to have a college degree. However, if you’ve got some formal education, it’ll be a plus.

On-the-Job Training: Rigorous testing and training are a must.

Job Opportunities: Examples of organizations for this occupation include the Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Air National Guard Units, and more. 1 % growth rate, BSL.

Average Salary: $ 124, 540

5. Masonry Worker

A close look at a man building a wall.

Job Description: Building and repairing structures is what you’ll do as a Masonry. You’ll use brick, stone, and concrete to construct and repair different buildings. As a result, you’ll lift and carry weighty materials, so it’s physically demanding work. In addition, you should read and understand technical drawings.

Education: A high school diploma is enough for this job.

On-the-Job Training: Since its practical work, on-the-job training may be needed.

Job Opportunities: The job outlook is less than 3%.

Average Salary: $46,500

6. Automobile Service Station Manager

An automobile mechanic and his manager inspecting a car.

Job Description:  For this job, you’re the guy or gal running the daily affairs of a gas station. Apart from pricing gas for the day, you organize training for other workers. You also make sure your gas station store is well-stocked, and the station itself is safe for customers.

Education: High school award or anything equivalent can land you this job. But someone with a Bachelor’s degree in management or loads of experience will beat you to the job.

On-the-Job Training: Certification and on-the-job training experience are essential.

Job Opportunities: Gas stations, growth rate unavailable.

Average Salary: $ 45, 204

7. Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

Two female nurses wearing blue scrubs.

Job Description: Is health a big issue in your career? If so, this is a perfect job for you as you’ll work side by side with doctors and registered nurses (RNs) in inpatient care. Your other crucial duties include taking vital signs, e.g., blood pressure, giving medication; completing paperwork; planning and managing inpatient care, interviewing patients, keeping records of their medical history, etc.

Education: A post-secondary certificate is what you need.

On-the-Job Training: It may not be a big deal.

Job Opportunities: It’s expected to grow by 6%, BSL.

Average Salary: $ 47,580

8. Real Estate Broker

A couple on a meeting with a real estate broker.

Job Description: As a managing real estate broker, you help buyers and sellers of property close win-win deals.  You bring them to the negotiation table and assist with drafting legal agreements. Also, you’ve got a real estate team you’re helping to close deals.

Education: You can go for this job even with a high school diploma. But a college degree in finance or any other related field is a bonus.

On-the-Job Training:  Licensure may be required.

Job Opportunities:  Real Estate Industry, 2% growth rate, BSL.

Average Salary: $56,730

9. Surgical Technologist

A surgical technologist monitoring the machines in the operating room.

Job Description: Surgical rooms and doctors performing operations- are you the kind that can cope with this? If the answer is a big yes, this is your job; you make the work of surgeons and nurses easy.

You’ll do some critical things, such as: making the room ready for the operation, preparing the surgical instruments, cleaning and sterilizing equipment, and handing tools to physicians during the surgery.

Education: Associate degree or post-secondary qualification

On-the-Job Training: 

Job Opportunities: It’s expected to grow by 7%.

Average Salary: $48,300

10. Lead Carpenter

A carpenter cutting a piece of wood with a cutting machine.

Job Description: Want to beautify people’s homes with top-notch pieces of furniture? This is your perfect job as it involves making and assembling furniture and doing some maintenance and repair work. You’ll also read blueprints, make less-skilled workers understand their duties, and train them.

Education: High school diploma but apprenticeship is preferable.

On-the-Job Training:  The training emphasizes the handling of different tools.

Job Opportunities: Building and Construction Industry, no change in growth, BSL.

Average Salary: $51,150

11. Executive Assistant

Job Description: An executive assistant oils the wheels of an organization; they keep it running. With this job, you’re the right hand of business leaders through managing their schedules and communicating for them.  Also, you carry out a range of admin tasks to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Education: A high school diploma can land you this occupation.

On-the-Job Training:  None

Job Opportunities: Corporations, -9% falling, BSL.

Average Salary: $ 60,890

12. Director of Security

A security team having a meeting.

Job Description: It’s a job that is concerned with inspecting and carrying out security department policies. As the director of security, you’ll train security personnel. In addition, you should make sure your organization meets all local, state, and federal laws and regulations. You’ll also ensure all facilities are safe for visitors, vendors, and staff, including keeping an eye on checkpoints.

Education: A minimum undergraduate degree, especially in computer science.

On-the-Job Training: You need to pass a security guard training program, a background check, and a health assessment.

Job Opportunities: The security sector.

Average Salary: $78,608

13. Sheet Metal Workers

A man working in the sheet metal factory.

Job Description: If working with sheet metals to make a wide range of products is your dream career, then choose this job. Some of your responsibilities will include forming, assembling, installing, and repairing metal products.  You must be fit because the job will force you to lift things, bend, or even squat.

Education: A high school diploma is okay for this job.

On-the-Job Training: Apprenticeship is a must.

Job Opportunities: Sheet Metal, Air-condition, heating, and roofing contractors. Self-employment is also possible. 1 % growth rate, BSL.

Average Salary: $50,400

14. Fire Fighter

A fire fighter holding up the water hose.

Job Description: Fighting fires. That’s what this job is all about. You’re the guy or gal who likes protecting your community during emergencies. When a huge fire breaks out, you’ll be in the thick of things to put it out and rescue people in danger. In addition, you prevent fires by carrying out surveys and inspections.

Education: Postsecondary award plus becoming an emergency medical technician (EMT).

On-the-Job Training: None

Job Opportunities: Fire Departments, 6% job growth rate, BSL.

Average Salary: $50,850

15. Elevator Mechanic

An elevator mechanic fixing the elevator.

Job Description: For this job, you need to know about elevator mechanics. The job is concerned with installing and repairing elevator systems, including inspecting safety controls.  You’ll also do routine maintenance tasks, spot and troubleshoot issues.

Education: High school diploma or any equivalent qualification.

On-the-Job Training: Attend a trade school to work with big companies. Assistantship is also a must.

Job Opportunities: 7% growth rate, BSL.

Average Salary: $ 77,806

16. Occupation Therapy Assistant

An occupational therapist and her assistant helping two elderly patients.

Job Description: Are you in love with helping people improve their health through learning and practicing skills for living and working? An occupation therapy assistant does just that. Working with therapists and physicians, you’ll assist inpatients in therapy offices, hospitals, and nursing homes. You’ll also offer therapeutic treatments to patients under the guidance of an occupational therapist. In addition, you’ll note and document inpatients’ progress.

Education:  An associate degree

On-the-Job Training: None

Job Opportunities: Health sector, 32% projected growth.

Average Salary: $59,200

17. Cable Supervisor

A cable electrician in the middle of an installation job.

Job Description: As a cable supervisor, you’ll be in charge of workers installing and maintaining internet connections and cable boxes. You’re the guy or gal who should understand cable details, including troubleshooting any issues with cable tools.  Part of your job is also to hire and train new technicians and make sure they follow the guidelines.

Education: High school diploma plus technical school education.

On-the-Job Training: An internship is also a necessity.

Job Opportunities: Service network providers, no change in growth, BSL.

Average Salary: $51,112

18. Flight Service Manager

Job Description: For this job, your main responsibility is to arrange fight crews and attend to customer complaints. Your other duties will include submitting any paperwork, ensuring cabin crew maintain high standards, and training them following the Airline and Authority regulations. You’ll also keep a tab on the cab crew’s performance through evaluation forms.

Education: You’ll need a minimum Bachelor’s degree in aviation management or any other related course.

On-the-Job Training: Going through an internship program will give you hands-on skills.

Job Opportunities: 6 % projected growth, BSL.

Average Salary: $64,042

19. Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Reps

Job Description: It’s a job dealing with an array of products and industries. As a result, you’ll rub shoulders with all sorts of businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits. Besides selling goods to businesses, you’ll also let customers understand the products. You prepare sales agreements, too.

Education: High school diploma but it also depends on the employer.

On-the-Job Training: None.

Job Opportunities: Wholesale and Manufacturing industries, 2% growth, BSL.

Average Salary: $63,000

20. Personal Trainer

A woman working out in the gym with her personal trainer.

Job Description: If you’re someone who’s bouncing with loads of energy and passion-driven, this is the job for you. You’ll rate your clients’ physical well-being one-on-one and then think up a personalized training program. Motivation is one of the skills you should have.

It’s because you’ll need to nudge your clients to go the extra mile to meet their health goals. It also means you should be a good communicator. Apart from these roles, you’ll offer info and essential resources on health matters and basic fitness.

Education: You must be certified to teach the correct physical fitness skills and be aware of nutrition’s impact on fitness. A high school diploma is okay for this job.

On-the-Job Training: It involves continuous learning about physical fitness and nutrition.

Job Opportunities: Gyms, private workout facilities at home or online coaching services, 15% projected growth, BSL.

Average Salary: $38,222

21. Police and Criminal Investigators (Detectives)

A close look at a detective as he reviews the various evidence.

Job Description: Is it your desire to protect lives and people’s property? You’d be a good fit for this job. It’s a straightforward job involving collecting facts and proof about possible criminal activities.

Education: High school diploma

On-the-Job Training: None

Job Opportunities: Law enforcement agencies, 5% growth, BSL.

Average Salary: $65,170

22. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Two EMTs responding to a patient with health distress.

Job Description: As an emergency medical technician, you’re the first person to respond to a medical crisis. On arrival, you’ll find out about the victim’s condition and then try to make them stable, if it’s serious. Again, if necessary, you can take them to a medical facility by ambulance. In addition, your ears are always attentive to dispatchers’ calls.

Education: High school diploma plus cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate (CPR)

On-the-Job Training: Unavailable

Job Opportunities: 6% projected growth, BSL.

Average Salary: $33,380

23. Information Technology (IT) Technician

This is an IT Technician working in the control room.

Job Description: IT is the big thing; almost all businesses and organizations have something to do with tech. For this job, you’re responsible for pinpointing and repairing computer glitches, installing and maintaining network systems, managing software, and more.

Education: An Associate degree, Bachelor’s degree, or certificate course in computer science is a must. But you may not need a degree for entry-level jobs.

On-the-Job Training: None

Job Opportunities: IT industry, 6% growth, BSL.

Average Salary: $ 41, 305

24. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

A sonogram technician taking the ultrasound of the woman.

Job Description: You’re also known as a cardiovascular technologist or simply a sonographer. Using what’s called imaging & sound machines (ultrasound), you’ll create images of the body parts. After this, you’ll probe these sonographic images and record your observations. Doctors will then look at the images closely to diagnose and treat health conditions.

Education: Associate degree

On-the-Job Training: None

Job Opportunities: It’s expected to grow by 12 % from 2019-29, BLS.

Average Salary: $68,750