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9 Jobs that Use Bicycles

A man carrying cargo boxes for delivery on his special bike.

Are you passionate about bicycles? And did you know you could earn a living from working around bikes? In the modern world, there is a vast range of jobs emerging from the world of cycling. Cycling is one of the most popular forms of self-powered transport. Keep intact as we round up some of the jobs that use bicycles.

Did you know in China, there are over 450 million cyclists? Over half a million people across Europe are employed in the cycling sector. You can turn your cycling hobby into a source of income by engaging in various jobs, as outlined in the article.

As much as there are jobs you can do using a bike, there are quite a few. Cycling enthusiasts can engage in links and get involved in interesting field bicycle jobs without finding it tedious. You will find some cycling jobs strange. Without further ado, let’s get into some of the available jobs involving bicycles.

Bike Messenger/ Bike Courier

A man riding his bike as a courier with a large bag.

This is one of the most common cycling jobs in the city. Bike couriers and messengers are best suited for the delivery of packages in a specific timeframe. They are a common sight in populous towns where it would take too long for a car to deliver.

Bike courier cyclists can quickly nip through traffic to deliver the required item. The job is associated with dangers and pitfalls, especially when dealing with the delivery of high-value packages.

Most bike couriers ride lightweight road bikes to emphasize speed. Bike messenger is one of the most adrenaline-filled jobs; thus, experience in maneuvering is crucial.

Cyclists deliver items ranging from documents and packages to food delivery. As a bike messenger, you hit the pedal to get the job done on time-sensitive delivery service. Being a bike courier, you get paid when working out.

Skills a bike rider should incorporate

  • Keep clients happy as you work in a professional manner.
  • Make smart decisions.
  • Don’t lose psych cruising on two wheels.

Cycling Coach

A cycling coach leading a group of people in their exercise.

If you are a cyclist good at teaching and motivating others, this sounds like a job you would be interested in. More so, you require having experience in racing. By being a cycling coach, you get to meet the demands of the high number of cyclists seeking to improve their performance.

As a cycling coach, you get to create structured training plans and nutrition and strength training advice. A cycling coach may also engage in indoor cycling as an instructor. You get to coach individuals engaging in hardcore exercise for fitness—cycling coach aid in improving cycling skills for beginner riders.

Education skills required: Background in sports science.

Cycling Tour Guide

A cycling tour guide leading a group of tourists on a tour of the rice fields.

Touring some of the most beautiful cycling areas in the world could be the job for you. If you know your local area really well, you can sign up to be a bike tour guide. Cyclists involved in bike tour guides take their bikes out in order to lead a party of tourists around the city or town, showing them sights that only locals would know.

Take the tourists around to see what local life is like, and available destinations. Lead and manage groups as you share your experience. Cyclists involved in bike tour guides can integrate bike rental to tourists. The vice of the job is low payment.

To effectively engage in cycling tour guiding, you need to have the freedom to be away from home for weeks. Additionally, you can get employment opportunities within travel firms.

Essential skills required to be a cycling tour guide

Basic bicycle repair knowledge

Have extensive knowledge of the area you plan to ride.

First-aid certifications

Good fitness

Excellent communication skills

Would you like to make your cycling passion part of your career? Everyone wishes to make a living by doing what they love most. Engage in some of these jobs for those who love to pedal.

Bike Mechanic

A close look at a bike mechanic fixing a bicycle.

Pro-tour mechanics are some of the most sought-after mechanics jobs. If you like tinkering with bikes, then this job is ideal for you. Bike mechanics can be self-employed to deal with local bike shop assembles.

Bike mechanics are a crucial part of bike manufacturing. Bike shops and manufacturers are always looking for bike mechanics good at assembling bikes at their headquarters. The job offers good pay depending on your skill level.

Biker Advertising

This one of the trending methods of advertising companies and products in the modern world. Although better than billboards, products catch more eyes and turn more heads. Cyclists are hired to attach cycling billboards to the backs of riders. They then cycle around town all day with the billboards in tow.

As simple as that, you get to earn a contract job to cycle around various towns to showcase a particular company’s products. The profession is unique, and the mode of advertising is on emergence, thus it attracts lots of attention.

Cyclists can ride out on their own or in convoys. A convoy of cyclists with billboards on their tow attracts stare from the people surrounding them, thus promoting the product advertisements—this type of job ranges from short-term contracts from one company to another.

Ambulance Cycle Teams

An ambulance cycle team on their bikes riding to the emergency.

Emergency services such as St.Johns Ambulance implement cyclists as part of their team to respond quickly. Such jobs require elite cyclists who can easily maneuver on roads and shortcuts to reach a stage when there is a lot of congestion.

The services utilize the ability of bicycles to weave in and out of traffic and circumvent the worst blockages. A cyclist entitled to this job ensures treatment can be delivered on time. Working on this pretty exciting job, you get to save lives as you earn cycling around. Expertise in cycling is of the essence.

Police bike team

A group of three police officers on their bike.

They are standard police units around busy streets and parks. Police units are issued with bicycles to carry out traffic patrols within towns. Cyclists within police departments are given mountain bikes with mounted LED lights and halogen.

Police cyclists receive specialized training in defensive riding. They engage in 10 hours of training. The combination of cycling and law enforcement is an exciting career for a passionate biker. You need to be fit to engage in vigorous training.

Bike Marketing

Get paid for talking about cycling/ bikes for hours. Cycling marketing managers are imperative in figuring out which athletes to sign to a brand and which teams to partner with. Bike manufacturers hire passionate cyclists as part of PR in their business. Marketers in bike shops may have to undergo additional educational programs to learn complex skills.

Bicycle Movers

This kind of job focuses on using bike trailers and cargo bikes to move furniture from homes located a short distance away. It is ideal for transport from one location to another within the city. Thus, the cyclist needs to be familiar with shortcuts,

Bike movers are a bit faster than vans, especially when moving lightly. More so, bike movers’ jobs are perfect in areas with a high population. The ability of a cyclist to move by road is crucial. Companies dealing with household item movement hire experienced cyclists to help move items in traffic within the big city.

How to get a Bike Industry Job

Within the bike industry, you need to stand out. Cyclists with a mindset for quality and pay great attention to detail succeed in biking careers.

Work at a bike Shop: Focus on learning background knowledge. Having thorough engagements within bike shops, you understand sales, trade fair biking events, volunteering at races. More so, you develop hard marketable skills.

Be enthusiastic about biking: Have the passion for hitting the pedal as you make some dollars in return.

Have interpersonal skills: Be socially gracious, adaptable, friendly, and able to build a relationship. Have the ability to work with a team of people around you.

Certifications: Attending cycling classes enhances your range of experience.

Communication skills: The skills are critical to enhancing involvement.