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FAQ: Looking for jobs (applying, your CV and interviewing)

These are questions people have asked me via my website and through various other online blogs and forums. Some of them are specifically about interviewing, while others are about job searching in general. Some are very insightful, some are very naïve, and some are even entertaining.

I’ve shown the questions unedited, so some of them may sound awkward or even grammatically incorrect. I wanted to show them as they were asked. You’ll very likely find many of YOUR job interview questions and answers and I hope you enjoy reading them.


The Two Most Common Questions I Get

By far, the two most common questions I receive are:

  1. Why can’t I get an interview?
  2. Why didn’t I get the job?

Rather than post the many versions I receive of these two questions, please click on the links above for some detailed advice about why you didn’t get the interview or the job.

Now, on to the questions!

(NOTE: Click on the ‘+’ icon to show the answer, and the ‘-‘ icon to conceal the answer)