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Swyft Filings vs. ZenBusiness for LLC Formation Services

Starting a business needs an expert in the industry. It requires an understanding of the federal requirements, legal process, and laws at the local, state, and national levels. Thus, hiring a business specialist will go a long way in making sure there is compliance.

While business formation is crucial when starting a new business, an understanding of the legal structure will put you in a better position as different companies are set up in different ways. How this is done has an impact on the rights of a business owner. These impacts include:

  • The business owners’ personal liabilities.
  • The process of paying tax.
  • Other important legal aspects of the business.

The new business’s expected future needs will guide you in choosing a company to take your business entity through incorporation. In this review, we put Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness head to head to see who offers the best online incorporation services.

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What is Swyft Filings?

Swyft Filings is a business formation service firm that was formed in 2012 as an online incorporation service. The firm helps small business owners set up a new business by taking care of the paperwork involved in the process. Additionally, they offer extra services to help your business stay in good standing with the government.

Introduction to Swyft Filings

Who is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is a company that offers business formation services. Formed in 2015, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your online LLC service needs. Additionally, it provides legal services like operating agreements, application of Employer Identification Number, and registered agent services.

Both Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness aim at bringing the tiresome process of business formation to where you are. You can complete your business formation process at the comfort of your house just by clicking your mouse and following the simple instructions on their dashboard.

Introduction to ZenBusiness.


Many online business formation services offer incorporation services. Choosing which company to provide you with the LLC filing service is tricky. As much as the companies have a lot in common, a thin line exists between them, making all the difference to the business owner.

This may be in terms of pricing, processing speed, or even customer service support procedures. Thus, new business owners need to understand how they work to enable them to make informed decisions.

Let us look at some of these factors by doing a Swyft Filings vs. ZenBusiness review.

Formation packages.

The cost at which a company is offering its services is very vital. Price is sensitive mainly because everyone or institutions have their budget, which may be hard to raise. As a result, the cost of services significantly affects your possibility of choosing a company that will provide you with much-needed services. The more expensive the services are, the lesser the possibilities of selecting the company. Of course, unless your budget has no limit, which is not mostly the case. Both Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness offer three packages.

  • Swyft Filings:

A Swyft Filings review shows the basic package starting at $49, the standard $149, while the premium costs $299. The above cost does not include the state fees, and therefore, the final price may vary depending on the state you reside.

  • ZenBusiness:

The starter plan for LLC formation starts at $39, the Pro plan at $199, and the premium plan at $299. Similarly, when you add the state filing fee, the total cost may vary depending on the state you reside.

If you’re wondering what the state fee is, it is the fee the state charges for new business incorporation. This fee goes directly to the secretary of state. For example, when writing this, the state fee in Alaska is $250, while in Arizona, it’s $50. The difference explains the possibility of variation in the total price.

Registered Agent Service.

A registered agent is the state’s contact person in regards to the business. His main job is to receive all legal documents from the government on behalf of the company.

These documents can be tax notices, subpoenas, or any form of correspondence directed to the business.

This can be an agency, or you can be your own registered agent. Should you wish to use an agency for this service, you will be in good hands as both Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness offers this service at a fee.

Why is a registered agent service important?

Every Limited Liability Company (LLC) in America must have a designated registered agent.

Cutting out a lot of paperwork

With your business’s running, you wouldn’t want to be stuck handling the paperwork involved in the business formation process. That is why business formation companies like Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness come in handy.

They cut out the tons of paperwork involved since on registration; you have the chance to provide this information( mentioned below ) without handing out any physical paper.

Pick the state where you want to set up the LLC.

Picking the state is often the first step because an LLC’s formation varies with a particular state’s rules and requirements. As a result, state fees will also vary. This first step may be a pain in the neck if your business operates in several states. You cannot register with a foreign LLC service provider.

Occasionally, if that’s the case, you will be required to register with all the states where you plan to do business. Therefore, you need to pay the state fees for every state you want to register with.

Naming the LLC

This step involves choosing a business name for your business. When selecting the name, you need to consider a few things before settling on a particular name. Below are a few of the considerations:

  • The name must be unique from the already existing and registered businesses with the secretary of state. In some states, you can search through the records to be sure. For example, in California, you can search here.
  • Choose a name that will not limit how far you can grow. Huge brands have changed names because they grew faster than the founders expected. This list shows some of the brands that have changed their names over the years.
  • Check from the hosting companies on how easily you can get a “.com” domain name. Chances are, you’ll one day want to set up a website. A “.com” domain name seems to customers as more presentable and authoritative than others like .org, .net, etc.
  • Some state laws prohibit some names; therefore, they should not be in the business name you settle for. The names include “trustee,” “insurance company,” etc.
  • Do a quick search on the name you want to settle for and check how other registered companies use the name. Searching saves you some troubles involved with copyright and other issues.

Files the LLC Articles of Organization

Articles of organization are formal legal documents used to establish a Limited Liability Company, LLC. These documents create the powers, rights, duties, and other obligations involved with the members and the LLC.

Some states refer to it as a certificate of formation or certification of organization. There is a state fee charged when you file the articles of organization. An example of articles of organization is this one for California and this other one for New York.

Preparing the Operating Agreement

The operating agreement determines the owner’s financial and management rights and other responsibilities. Below are some of the issues you should address in the operating agreement:

  • The number of contributions and when the parties are required to make it to the LLC.
  • What are the penalties and remedies if either of the parties fails to contribute?
  • How the profits and the losses incurred will be split and distributed among the contributing parties.
  • What’s the managerial hierarchy of the LLC (it can be a group of managers, sole manager, or all the members)
  • Are there any appointees
  • Voting rights for crucial occasions like the sale of a business
  • Protection of the managers who will be running the business.
  • Procedures for meeting members and dissolution.
  • What are the restrictions on the transfer of interests?

Obtaining an Employer Identification Number.

Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as Federal Tax Identification Number. It is a free service offered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the IRS uses it to identify a business entity.

You can apply for the Employer Identification Number online via the IRS website.

However, LLC formation services will ask you to pay a fee to help you in this free online process.

For example, Swyft Filings will charge you $70 for this free process. On the other hand, ZenBusiness charges you $75 for the same process.

Obtaining the Business Licenses needed

Depending on the business’s nature, licenses are essential, either local, state, or federal. If you are dealing with serious matters to the security like selling arms, you might need permits from the federal and state governments. Also, different cities require different licenses if you will be doing business in them.

Setting up a Bank Account

Your businesses should use a different bank account from your personal bank account. It is not a requirement but more of a necessity.

When setting it up, your bank of choice might need you to provide filed articles for your organization, your Employer Identification Number (EIN), and perhaps some authorizations for opening a bank account and who can withdraw money from the account.

Both Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness take care of this paperwork while you focus more on improving your business.

Access to documentation online

Both Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness give you access to your documentation online. The two give you a personalized dashboard where you can access your documents 24/7. What’s more, the dashboard enables you to add new services as your business grows.

Free consultation

Finishing setting up your business is not the end but the beginning of a new process. Filing your business pushes it ahead of many other companies, but there is more than just starting up a business. There are more accounting services that you need to keep your business running and growing. Such services include and are not limited to managing your record books and Filing your returns.

With ZenBusiness, you will get a worry-free accounting assessment to help you, as their customer, in your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs. They provide this service for free. What’s more, ZenBusiness will give you helpful resources to keep your business thriving and growing.

On the other hand, Swyft Filings guarantees you a free 30minutes tax consultation. The national accounting firm facilitates the consultation, and it will focus on how you can reduce your business tax and other vital information.

These free consultations can be very vital in ensuring your business grows without a doubt.

Both have guides in the form of videos and articles.

Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness have videos and articles that will help you understand and guide you through the whole process. ZenBusiness features and posts these guides as articles on their blog, which is very easy to scan through.

On the other hand, Swyft Filings has the guides and the videos on their learning center page. These resources are very informative and will power you to improve your business even further.

Offer extras like Sales Tax IDs and LLC Operating Agreement

Both of the LLC formation services offer extra services that will help you grow your business. Such services include the LLC operating agreement offered by both Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness.

As previously explained, an operating agreement explains the things that are actionable in the business and creates a succession plan if the owner leaves the company.

ZenBusiness gives you an actionable template that is easy to follow and uses a standard format to ensure that your interests and those of the company are protected.

Some of the benefits of an LLC operating agreement include;

  • An LLC helps you avoid the application of default rules by the state. Every state sets rules and guidelines that become the default in your LLC if you don’t have an operating agreement.
  • An LLC operating agreement helps you secure funds from lenders and other investors and how to build the funds. The documents explain how your business will treat future investors. The investors will love it when you structure it within the LLC operating agreement.
  • It helps in maintaining control by designating authority to the different bodies in a thriving business. For example, it helps define a manager’s role in a business, their powers, and the extent to which they can exercise them.
  • It separates the business identity and personal identity which is not the case in a sole proprietorship. It limits liabilities going both ways; it protects you as the member from business liabilities, and on the other hand, it protects business assets from personal liabilities.
  • The document also specifies succession. A business seems more rigid if it’s well organized and has a structure that will keep the business leadership transition.

Swyft Filings makes you a custom LLC operating agreement for $35, while ZenBusiness offers to give you an LLC operating agreement template so that you can customize it.

Order tracking

ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings have dashboards that enable you to track the status of the order you make while they process it. What’s more, they allow you to view and print your business documents after the formation is complete. As a result, it ensures that you have more control over the process.

What differentiates them?

These two online business formation companies play one key similar role. That is, they both help in incorporating new businesses. There are similarities in how they work but looking through them; you will find features that differentiate them. We look at these features and help you work your way through the process smoothly.


Prices determine whether we pick a product or service. We all look for the best service at the lowest price. However, it is essential to be guided by the features, advantages, and benefits of a particular service.

Certainly, the two formation firms differ in the cost they charge per given LLC formation package. Let’s analyze their cost, which will help you decide if you are a price person.


With ZenBusiness, you choose from the three plans they offer. Let’s check in detail the services you get with each plan.

ZenBusines packages.

Starter plan

This plan is billed annually at $39+state fees. Here is what you get;

  • Prepare and file LLC.
  • Name availability search
  • Phone and email support
  • Online document access
  • Free accounting consultation
  • Virtual business guides
  • Registered agent
  • Operating agreement template
  • Google Ads credit
  • Standard filling speed

Pro plan

You can also bill pro at $149 + state fees annually. You get all the services available in the starter plan plus the following;

  • Expedite Filing speed
  • Banking resolution template
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Worry-free compliance

Premium plan

Lastly, you can also bill for the premium plan at $249+state fees annually. This plan assures you all the services available in the starter and pro plan plus the following;

  • Rush filing speed
  • Business website
  • Business domain name
  • Domain name privacy
  • Business email address

What’s more, you can make a customized plan that best suits your needs using ZenBusiness.

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings packages.

Swyft Filings has three formation packages with a payment plan that allows you to pay in two installments. Let’s check what you get when you buy either of the plans.

Basic package

This plan is billed at $49 + state fees annually. Below are the services you get;

  • Verify company name availability
  • Preparation of articles of organization
  • Document Filing with the secretary of state
  • Free statement of the organizer
  • Online access to your incorporation documents.
  • Lifetime customer support (phone and email)
  • Free 30 minutes business tax consultation
  • Compliance guard company alerts
  • Free domain name

Standard package

Standard plan bills at $149+ state fees annually. You will get all the services in the basic plan plus the following;

  • Obtain federal tax identification (EIN)
  • Custom LLC operating agreement
  • Custom banking resolution
  • Custom organization minutes.

Premium package

The premium plan bills at $299+ state fees annually. With this plan, you will get all the services in the basic and standard plan plus the following;

  • Electronic delivery of state documents
  • Customized digital corporate kit
  • Free business website and website hosting

Similarly, Swyft Filings allows you to customize your plan by choosing what you require.

For example, the ZenBusiness pro plan is billed at $199 annually, while the Swyft Filings standard plan costs $149. If you need the expediting features, the plans will be more expensive.

According to the services and price can, ZenBusiness is cheaper as compared to Swyft Filings.

Winner: Zenbusiness

Registered Agent Service

Any LLC or corporation should have a registered agent service when they form their business. It is a requirement, according to state laws. The registered agent service acts as the medium through which the secretary of state and any other government officials can reach you. The registered agent service receives correspondence and other legal notices when the government needs to contact your business.

ZenBusiness offers the services of a registered agent service for a charge of $129.

Registered agent service at ZenBusiness.

Swyft Filings, on the other hand, offers registered agent service at a $149 fee.

Registered agent service at Swyft Filing.

Who can be a Registered Agent Service Provider?

Although this may vary depending on the state you are in, there are only a few restrictions to being a registered agent service provider. Below are some of the requirements.

  • Must be at least 18years old
  • Must have a street address within the state.
  • Must be physically present at that address during business hours.

A registered agent service provider can be a company or an individual but never at one moment can a company be its own registered agent service provider.

What are the Benefits of a Registered Agent Service?

It is a bad idea to name yourself, your son, or your daughter as the registered agent service provider because they may need to travel, among other reasons. Below are some of the benefits of choosing a paid registered agent service provider like ZenBusiness or Swyft Filings;


Since the state serves a registered agent with the legal document, you will risk embarrassment if you or your employee acts as the registered agent service provider.

The state officials might serve these legal action documents in the presence of your customers, co-workers, and clients. However, with a paid registered agent service provider like ZenBusiness, you’ll be saved from this embarrassment.

Additionally, the registered agent’s address is supposed to be public. Therefore, if you use your home-based address, it might be a source of potential concern.

Knowing the job will be done right.

As a business owner, you ought to understand that these registered agent services have experience and professionalism in doing this, and therefore, they will do it right. They also assure you that the legal documents will be in safe hands.

Multiple states

Your business will likely not stay in one location or state forever. It will grow and perhaps move to other states as well. Looking for registered agents in every state may be a pain in the neck. However, with a registered agent service, they’ll give you the services in multiple states.


Every time you change a registered agent, you will need to update the person’s state and address. Unfortunately, most businesses are in the habit of forgetting this, and therefore, your business might be on the wrong side of the law. However, with a registered agent service, there is consistency.

Prompt Response

Registered agent service is more likely to promptly respond to any event of a lawsuit, fine, and penalties than an individual who may as well have other commitments.

Choosing a registered agent is crucial and very important to your business. More importantly, having a registered agent service assures you that they will promptly and professionally handle any arising issues. Between ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings, the former is cheaper than the latter when buying a registered agent service.

Winner: ZenBusiness

Before registering your business with ZenBusiness or Swyft Filings, clearly and thoughtfully consider which type of business entity you want to go for. If you are worried about risking your personal assets, below are some of the factors you should consider before choosing a business entity.

Factors to Consider when choosing a Business Entity Type

Ease of Registration (Process)

People opt for online LLC formation services because of the paperwork involved with setting up a new business. Therefore, the formation process ought to be fast and hassle-free. Both ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings have an almost similar approach, but there are some variations.

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings sign up process is straightforward and may take about 15 minutes. Their registration process is streamlined and efficient. You can monitor the whole registration process at the top and check how many remaining stages eases it even more.


ZenBusiness makes the process along with you having to click a lot of upsells. What worsens the situation is the number of services ZenBusiness has to offer. This slows down the whole process.

In the registration process, ZenBusiness has two business entities to choose from; Limited Liability Companies and Corporations.

On the other hand, Swyft Filings has four business entities you can choose from; Limited Liability Company, C Corporations, S Corporations, and Non-profit. What are the business entities, the types, and the pros and cons of each?

Types of Business Entity

A business entity is a formed business organization. The type of business entity you choose determines your tax and exposure to liabilities. When starting a business, you get to choose a business entity before registering and Filing your business’s paperwork with the state. There are several types of business entities, but we will focus on ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings’ three types when registering in this article. The three business entities are S corporation, C corporation, and Limited Liability Company.

Let’s look at each one of them.

Limited Liability Company

In a limited liability company, the owners are legally responsible for any debt the company has only to the extent of the capital they have invested with it. The best part of a limited liability company is that it separates its owner from the business and its liability. LLC is more straightforward and flexible, and perhaps that is why it is gaining popularity amongst other entities.


  • The owners have limited liability; it protects their property from company debts.
  • Owners choose which business way of paying taxes works best for them and their customers. Either proprietorship, corporation, or a partnership
  • Legally, it is not required to have a board of directors.
  • It does not limit the business on the number of shareholders it can have.
  • In most states, it’s optional to have annual general meetings.


  • It has higher legal and accounting costs.
  • It is a must for Limited Liability Companies to file an article of incorporation with the state of residence.
  • There is a need for an operating agreement, or otherwise, the Limited Liability Company will cease to exist upon a member’s death.

C corporation

C corporation is a legal entity that protects the owners, or shareholders, from personal liability and company debt. A board of directors chosen by the shareholders run the corporation and appoint officers who will manage the corporation. These officers may include the CEO, president, etc.


  • Owners have no personal liability for the company’s debt. The only risk is the investment money that is in the company.
  • A corporation has easy access to its finances. It can take loans and sell some assets.
  • Corporations are not in any way affected by the death of a shareholder.


  • Its business structure is very complex to set up.
  • The earning may be double taxed.

S corporation

This business entity allows owners to own stock and enjoy liability protection. On the other hand, the shareholders elect a board of directors who appoint the officers who will manage the corporation’s daily activities. Unlike C corporation, S corporation is restricted to 100 U.S citizen shareholders.


  • Does not have double taxation
  • The structure protects personal assets from the company’s debt.

The following are factors that you should consider before choosing and settling on a business entity.

  • Tax treatment

Many companies pay double taxes, especially those under C corporation. First, the state and the federal government tax your company, and then you pay tax for the personal income you get from the company.

An S corporation and Limited Liability Company, on the other hand, are subject to pass-through taxation. Pass-through taxation means that the owners of an S Corporation and LLC are only subject to self-employment tax.

  • Separation of ownership and management

Entrepreneurs are very much concerned about personal liabilities that protects the owner from suits against the company. LLC and Corporations are crucial in separating owners and the management, unlike sole-proprietorship and general partnerships.

  • Limited liability protection.

The last thing you want is your personal assets being defaulted by the bank because of company debt. Your assets need to remain protected from business liabilities. This is mainly the main reason why most business people are opting for corporations and limited liability companies. Unlike the two, general partnerships and sole-proprietorship do not have this shield.

  • How easy it’s to form

Do you know why many people form sole-proprietorship and general partnership despite the risks? They are simple and easy to form. What’s more, they are straightforward to manage. On the other hand, LLC and corporation have a very tiresome paperwork registration process. However, this is where business formation firms like ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings come in and help out.

  • Transfer of ownership.

It is relatively easy to transfer ownership with corporations because you only need to sell the stocks or the share you own in a particular company. This isn’t the same case with sole-proprietorship and general partnership.

Considering these factors helps you determine what is best for you, what works and what doesn’t.

On ease of registration, the ZenBusiness process is tiresome and involves a lot of upsells. Swyft Filings is fast and maneuverable.

Winner: Swyft Filings

Customer support

Customer support is a crucial influencer on what you will choose between the two services. The more the customer support channels, the better because that means you can easily reach them.


Chatbot at ZenBusiness.

Zenbusiness offers three options to get a response quickly; you can call, send them an email, or chat with them. The response is quite fast, especially with the chat. What’s more, there is a chatbot that is very resourceful. Except on rare occasions, they will always answer your phone call.

Swyft Filings

Customer support at Swyft Filing.

Swyft Filings also offers three options through which you can contact them. The options are; call, email, and chat. However, Swyft Filings should possibly consider introducing a chatbot that, despite criticism, could be a very resourceful tool. Also, the chat is relatively slow in giving responses from what we gathered.

Winner: Zenbusiness

Customer reviews

The review is important because they paint a picture of how that business has been working and how well they treat customers. The reviews show customers’ satisfaction.


ZenBusiness has 4739 reviews on TrustPilot (as at the time of writing this). They seem to have a good reputation as most of the reviews are positive.

ZenBusiness review at TrustPilot.

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings has 2848 reviews on TrustPilot (at the time of writing this). Most of the reviews are positive. Also, they have 32284 reviews on-site at

Swyft Filing review at TrustPilot.

Both Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness have excellent customer satisfaction considering the number of customer reviews online. However, Swyft Filings’ customer reviews are beyond doubts outnumbering those of Zenbusiness.

Winner: Swift Filing


The more experience a company has, the more trust you will probably give. Unfortunately, there is no particular way to measure experience. You can only express the experience in the number of years you have been in an industry. Both ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings are relatively new.

Swyft Filings

In 2012, a lawyer opened Swyft Filings, and it has gained a reputable experience over the years. They have 32284 reviews on-site and 2848 reviews on TrustPilot. In both cases, 93% of the reviews have a 4-star or 5-star rating. The company has therefore been best at satisfying its customers.


ZenBusiness started in 2015, 3 years later, after Swyft Filings. Despite being half a decade old, they have satisfied thousands of happy clients with their services. On TrustPilot, they have 4739 reviews out of whom 95% of the reviews have rated this LLC formation service a 4-stars or 5-stars.

Swyft Filings undoubtedly beats ZenBusiness in terms of experience, but, again, ZenBusiness isn’t badly off, considering it started three years after Swyft Filings.

Winner: Swyft Filings

Additional services.

Both ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings have additional services that differentiate a basic plan from the standard and the premium plans. Let’s check them out in each case.


Expedite Filing speed

This offer helps you quicken the process of LLC Filing the documents. Filing documents can take time, depending on the state you’re planning to set up the business. The cost of this service is $50.

Rush filling speed

Similarly, this service helps to quicken the processing of the Filing documents by moving them ahead. The cost of this service is $100.

Banking resolution template

A banking resolution is a document that authorizes the opening of a bank account and provides the signatories. This document is drafted in the first meeting involving the board of directors or the limited liability company owners. ZenBusiness offers a banking resolution template that helps you write an excellent resolution to open a bank account and assign the signatories. This service costs $30.

Employer ID Number (EIN).

The employer Identification Number, also called Tax ID, is assigned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify your business. Employer Identification Number is a requirement when establishing partnerships, Corporation and Limited Liability Companies (LLC). This service will cost you $70.

Worry-free compliance service

This service helps you remain compliant with the state requirements like annual reports and Filing deadlines. With this service, your business will receive alerts on important compliance and filing events. As a result, you will maintain a clean record with the state. With this service, you will enjoy;

  • Alerts and notifications on upcoming events
  • ZenBusiness will handle your annual reports and up to two yearly amendments Filings.
  • Full protection and assistance should you fall out of compliance with the state. This service costs an annual fee of $119.

Business website

This service helps you create an online presence, promote your products, tell your story, and improve your credibility. The website will have the following additional features;

  • It will be easy to use
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Mobile friendly
  • Premier hosting with scalable storage
  • Advice for organic, social, and paid traffic

This service costs $100 annually.

Business domain name

A business domain name represents your company online. ZenBusiness will ensure that it secures your domain name so that it aligns with the company name. (this will be possible if someone else hasn’t purchased it). This service will cost you $25 annually.

Should you opt to buy a business domain name, you might find these other two services helpful.

  • Domain name privacy

This service protects your contact information from the public and replaces it with the domain registration details. This service costs $10 yearly.

  • Business email address

You will get a customized email address whose extension is your domain name. for example, This email blocks spam and other unwanted emails.

New York Publication

Just in case you’re setting up the business in New York, ZenBusiness will charge you a $200 fee. They use the fee to publish the formation announcement in two newspapers, twice a week for six weeks consecutively.

Obtain Federal Tax ID (EIN).

This 9-digit code helps the Internal Revenue Service to identify your business. This code is a must when opening a company bank account or when hiring employees for the company. This service will cost you a one-time $70.

Custom LLC operating agreement

An operating agreement is a document that explains the management of the Limited Liability Company (LLC). This document separates the personal liabilities from the business and vice versa. Swyft Filings will customize the operating agreement according to your company information. This service will cost you a one-time $35.

Custom LLC Banking Resolution

A banking resolution is a requirement every time you’re opening a bank account for your business. This resolution describes the members, the officers authorized to open the bank account, and the signatories who are supposed to transact on the account. Swyft Filings will draft a customized bank resolution based on your company information. This service will cost you a one-time $30.

Custom organizational minutes.

These are the minutes that are recorded at the member’s first meeting. Swyft Filings will draft you customized minutes that cover the most needed options based on your company information. This service will cost you $25.

Electronic delivery of state documents

The incorporation documents will be made available to you for download via your Swyft Filings account at the cost of $20.

Customized LLC digital Kit.

This kit’s design helps your company stay compliant by providing a wide variety of tools. This kit will have;

  • Company seal. You will receive a customized digital seal with your company name, year of formation, and state. You can use this seal to mark all your company documents.
  • 20 customized stock of certificates. You can use these certificates as a formal ownership document to give to the company’s initial shareholders or owners.
  • Ownership ledger that will help you in documenting all of your company’s ownership transfers.

This customized digital kit will cost you a one-time $99

Free business website and website hosting

This additional service is only available on the premium plan only. When you purchase the premium package, you receive a free website and three months of free hosting. The website will enable you to have an online presence. Here are some of the benefits of this service;

  • The website is mobile and tablet friendly.
  • You can set up your online store (eCommerce) in minutes.
  • There are over 100 custom templates you can use.
  • Customers can contact you using the contact form.
  • You create and add videos and photo galleries to your website.
  • You can connect with your customer using social media integration.
  • You’ll get secure web hosting.

What more, they will set up the website for you.

Express Filing time and Rush Filing time

This service will help fasten the filing process. To know the cost, you must first fill in your state. The costs vary depending on the state. Different states take different times to file for business formation because of the number of orders per day. For example, if your state is Arkansas, Swyft Filings will charge you $45 for express filing time so that the filing process can take seven days instead of 20 days. On the other hand, Swyft Filings will charge you $100 for rush filing time so that the filing process can take two business days instead of 20 days.

Looking at the number of additional features, Swyft Filings has more additional features than Zenbusiness. Most of the Swyft Filings features are customer-centered and aim at giving you an easy time while registering.

Winner: Swyft Filings.

ZenBusiness vs. Swyft Filings – Pros and Cons

Everything that has its positive side and vice versa. From the above comparison, let’s look at the pros and cons of each service.



  • They have very competitive prices.
  • It has a lot of additional services.
  • Its process is easy to follow.
  • Good response time and customer support.
  • There are no hidden fees; the process is transparent.


  • Unlike Swyft Filings, you don’t get a dedicated representative.
  • Turnaround time may not be impressive.

Swyft Filings


  • They have a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • They have a payment plan of two installments.
  • The founder has a legal understanding because of this background.
  • They have a very affordable basic plan.
  • They assign you a dedicated representative who you can access whenever you need help.


  • The step-up involves a lot of upsells, most of which you need to skip.
  • They do not offer registered agent services.


Does either of the companies have third-party partnerships with what they are upselling?

Yes, both of the companies have third-party partnerships with the companies they are upselling. They are probably affiliating with the companies or earn a commission of the transaction. Some of the competitors of ZenBusiness and Swyft Filings go overboard with these upsells.

Is it a legal requirement to use a formation service?

No, it is not a legal requirement but more of a necessity. You can also do the paperwork involved without necessarily involving a formation service. However, be aware that this process is tiresome and complicated. We highly recommend using a formation service.

Does either of these formation services give a refund?

ZenBusiness doesn’t guarantee your money back once your business registration has been submitted. However, if they haven’t submitted your business for filing, you may cancel the process of company formation. ZenBusiness will refund and charge a cancellation fee of $50 if you meet the conditions.

On the other hand, Swyft Filings excels because they provide a 100% money refund guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their service. The refund policy of Swyft Filings is amongst the best in the market.

Is it a legal requirement for my business to have an Employment Identification Number?

Yes. If your business has employees, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must give a 9-digits code. You will use EIN when opening a business bank account and when Filing employment tax returns. This number enables you to separate your liabilities from the business and also protects you from business liabilities.

Do any of the services have any hidden fees?

No. Both Swyft Filings and ZenBusiness only charge what they have stated in the packages. The only thing that keeps the charges varying is the state fees, which depend on where you want to set up your business. Thousands of customers have trusted these services because they are straightforward and transparent in what they do.

Do these formation services have an error-free guarantee?

To error is human. No one can guarantee an error-free service, and if they do, they are lying to you. If you check their reviews, you will realize they have complaints from a few customers. However, both of the services can guarantee you good customer support when the need arises. Swyft Filings goes further to even dedicating one representative to handle all your issues. What else could a customer ask for?


Both services are best at what they do, and each excels in its sphere. Both have excellent reviews and ratings, proving that they are best at what they do.

Choose Swyft Filings if:

  • You want to start a business in a state that requires a lot of regulations, Swyft Filings will ensure you don’t forget either of them.
  • You want a lot of services that will help you manage your business.
  • I love the idea of having a representative to handle all my issues; it’s super cool to have one.

Choose ZenBusiness if:

  • You want a fast turnaround and a socially conscious company.
  • You don’t need a lot of services and regulations to choose from.
  • You want a free registered agent service.