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20 Different Types of Jobs

Architect standing in front of different types of workers on white background.

There are numerous types of jobs to choose from in the market. However, these jobs are different in their requirements, payments, and other aspects, meaning that you must compare different options to decide which one to pitch for or which career to pursue in your studies. Below are various types of jobs you can consider when searching for a job opportunity.

1. Trades/ Construction Jobs

Aerial view of construction worker in construction site.

These are occupations related to creating, remodeling, renovating, demolishing, or extending buildings, bridges, and other structures, including the ones from fabricated steel. Most jobs in this category require a high school diploma or an equivalent and a training certification for you to qualify as a worker. For instance, most organizations might require you to produce a high school diploma or a GED and a four-year apprenticeship certification if you are an electrician.

On the same note, Some companies might even require certification in electrical safety and recommendations from your past employers. Examples of jobs in this category include brick masonry, boiler making, carpentry, carpet installation, building inspection, construction equipment operation, electrical installation, Elevator Installation, Repairing, etc. The salary for a construction worker lies between $53,000 and $84,000

2. Office Jobs

Elevated view of a busy open plan office.

These are positions that require you to operate from the company’s premises. In this job arrangement, your employer provides you with working facilities like desks, computers, pens, etc., and pays you for your services. As part of your service, you might have to interact with employees, customers, managers, and other stakeholders in the organization.

However, the arrangement may change from one institution to another depending on the nature of their operations. The basic requirements for most office jobs include a high school diploma and the ability to demonstrate strong organizational, communication, and IT skills, backed by relevant training or on-job-training from your previous office. Examples of office jobs you can pitch for include customer service representative, administrative assistant, office receptionist, medical office worker, executive secretary, etc.

According to sources, the average salary for an office worker is approximately $31,063 per annum, including allowances.

3. Professional Jobs

Professional business partners talking during a meeting at the corporate office.

A professional job requires you to have a specific amount of education and training to qualify for them. Typically, most organizations require you to have a bachelor’s degree or higher to qualify for a professional position. Examples of jobs you can pursue in this category include teaching, accounting, law, science, Gynecologist, and surgeon.

The remuneration for a professional job depends on skills, and education level, among other aspects. For instance, the annual salary for a teacher in the US ranges between $36,500 and $116,000, while the annual salary for a gynecologist is $97,500 to $259,350. The lower salary range in both cases is for entry professionals, who are educated and trained but haven’t gained enough experience, while the higher salary range is for experienced professionals.

4. Medical/ Healthcare Jobs

Mixed-races busy team of male and female doctors posing to camera and crossing hands in hospital.

These jobs are related to providing healthcare services to individuals or a community. Examples of professions you can pursue in this field include doctoring, nursing, surgical practices, and other niches in medical research, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and other health aspects.

To qualify as a medical professional, you must:

  • Take premed classes and pass with good grades
  • Register for and pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
  • Undergo a four-year training in a medical school
  • Pass the two-phase exam, allopathic and osteopathic national licensing examination
  • Register for and match a residency program
  • Graduate from medical school and commence residency to obtain the general medical license
  • Get certification for your field of specialization 

As you can see, the jobs in the medical field have hefty requirements. But the huge remuneration that follows after employment justifies the struggle. According to, the estimated median salary for a medical doctor in the United States is $183,807 per annum. 

5. Laboratory Jobs

Scientist working with microscope in lab.

As the name suggests, these are services offered at a laboratory. A laboratory is a facility that offers a controlled setting in which technological and scientific research, experiments, and measurements may be performed to establish a certain truth or to manufacture chemicals and drugs. 

Examples of tasks involved in most laboratories include:

  • Receiving and analyzing samples
  • Conducting tests on new specimens
  • Designing and performing lab tests in accordance to set procedures
  • Cleaning and storing the lab equipment after use
  • Handling and storing lab chemicals
  • Performing administrative tasks like documenting procedures, preparing media, maintaining notebooks, ordering supplies, and preparing invoices

Examples of careers you can pursue in this field include research technician, chemistry technician, DNA analyst, phlebotomist, forensic science technician, etc. Most organizations would require an associate degree in the field and a valid laboratory technician license to offer you a lab technician position. According to salary explorer, working as a lab technician can earn you as low as $33,000 and as high as $108,000 per year, depending on your work experience.

6. Research Jobs

Image of african american businessman working on his laptop.

These jobs involve investigating sources, materials, and other types of information to discover new facts, establish truth, draw conclusions or predict the outcome of an underlying issue. Examples of research careers include forensic science technician, market researcher, clinical research coordinator, research analyst, archaeologist, mathematician, research and development engineer, data scientist, etc. According to US, researchers earn between $44,680 and $81,830 a year.

7. Retail Jobs

Beautiful smiling cashier working at a grocery store.

Retail jobs are the tasks that involve the sale of final goods and services to end users. They are available in stores, businesses, and offices that deal with final products.

Generally, most retail jobs involve:

  • Answering customer questions
  • Assisting customers find their favorite products
  • Recording sales
  • Controlling stock
  • Ordering purchases
  • Marketing your business
  • Accounting for business stock, etc

Examples of jobs in the retail industry include customer service representative, cashier, sales associate, department manager, product manager, store manager, visual merchandiser, stick control specialist, retail buyer, etc. To qualify for most retail positions, you must portray excellent skills in Communication, computer, and technology, stock management, and time management. You must also be good at studying the competition, countering the competition, and executing other business tasks. 

8. Hospitality Jobs

Barista preparing coffee at counter in restaurant.

Is working in a recreational center your dream? If yes, then hospitality jobs are your go-to option. Most hospitality jobs involve helping customers meet their leisure in restaurants, hotels, cruise lines, theme parks, animal parks, sandy beaches, and other recreational zones.

So, in most cases, you might have to interact with customers face to face. Examples of careers you can pitch for in the hospitality field include event planners, concierge, executive chef, hotel general manager, porter, waiter/waitress, housekeeper, hotel planner, etc. To qualify for a job in this field, you must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Being multilingual can also be a plus.

9. Education And Training Jobs

Confident lady business trainer coach leader give flip chart presentation.

If you are good in a certain area of knowledge, you can earn money by passing the knowledge to other interested individuals. For instance, if you have excellent IT skills, you can generate income by teaching other people basic computer skills, designing, or other computer skills in exchange for money. You don’t necessarily have to stand before a class of students.

You can do it through online tutorials as well. However, most governments and teaching and training institutions require you to produce relevant certifications from the relevant authorities before hiring you as a teacher/trainer. In addition to that, you might be required to provide proof of experience in the area of your specialization.

The teachers’ salaries vary depending on their length of employment, area of specialization, age of students, etc. For instance, according to, the median annual salary for teachers in Canada was $65k, $61k in the US, and below $60k in Australia for teachers with at least 15 years of experience.

10. Management Jobs

Back view of businessman on rooftop managing people icons.

These are tasks the top management/ employer expects you to accomplish tasks through the effort of other people. The tasks may involve managing a simple job or an entire production line. You are the one to decide who will run the project to completion without doing the job personally.

For instance, a production manager in a factory may not operate any of the production machines, though they may be the best at that particular task. The primary roles of managers in most organizations may include setting objectives, organizing the work, motivating their teams, evaluating performance, and training and developing their subordinates. The educational qualification for the managerial position may vary depending on the leadership position in question.

For instance, most organizations may require a master’s degree to promote you to an executive post and at least a bachelor’s to recruit you for a supervisory role. Examples of managerial jobs you can pursue include marketing, medical health services, training, development, etc. According to, managerial salaries in most states range between $42,431 and $114,421 per annum.

The lower range applies to entry-level managers, while the higher applies to experienced managers.

11. Factory/ Manufacturing Jobs

Portrait of young female worker in the factory.

Factory or manufacturing jobs are the tasks that involve the production of new products from raw materials. It can also mean jobs that involve creating new products by assembling different parts by chemical, physical or mechanical means. Though machines have overtaken many production processes, manufacturing firms still need human labor to install the equipment, operate the machines, clean processing areas, approve samples, test products for quality, packaging, branding, marketing, etc.

Examples of manufacturing careers to pursue include millwright jobs, boiler makers, welders, manufacturing engineers, and quality control inspectors. The educational qualifications for most manufacturing jobs depend on the type of task you might be dreaming of. In most cases, the recruiting companies will demand a training certification in the relevant field and proof of your work experience.

According to sources, the yearly compensation for a manufacturing job ranges between $17,000 and $39,000.

12. Sales Jobs

Saler congratulates young family on buying new car.

As the name suggests, sales jobs involve presentation and selling products and services. If you are interested in this field, you should be capable of generating leads and converting them into business. 

More specifically, the organization might require you to:

  • Create awareness of its products
  • Negotiate contracts with clients
  • Present sales to generate leads 
  • Demonstrate the products to boost sales
  • Motivate and coordinate the efforts of the sales team towards the realization of the organization’s goals
  • Prepare and present sales reports to the top managers

However, the above roles may change depending on your position in the sales department. Most organizations might require a bachelor’s degree certification in business or related fields to grant you a sales post. Examples of careers you can pitch for in this field include regional sales manager, sales representative, sales director, accounts representative, etc

According to sources, the average salary for a sales representative is approximately $62,070, with the lowest earning sales representative earning close to $43,580. 

13. Engineering Jobs

Team Asian engineer working control machine in factory.

Engineering jobs involve the application of scientific and mathematical principles to design and create machines and structures like tunnels, buildings, bridges, and roads and solve systemic problems efficiently.

Depending on your role in the organization, your employer might require you to:

  • Stay at pace with the international engineering trends
  • Identity and solve systemic problems in the production equipment
  • Design and help in the implementation of the production system
  • Make improvements in the existing systems and processes
  • Train other engineering professionals
  • Perform other engineering roles

Most organizations require at least a bachelor’s or a higher degree in engineering or a related field to qualify for an engineering post. 

Examples of top-paying engineering posts you can pitch for include civil, mechanical, industrial, etc.

According to the US bureau of labor statistics, the estimated salary for a systems engineer ranges between $65,000 and $123,000.

14. Financial Jobs

worker in black suit with beard standing in front of an office glass building.

These are jobs related to the acquisition and management of money. The main tasks in this field revolve around investment, borrowing, lending, saving, and budgeting for money. Your employer might require you to:

  • Help them raise financing by borrowing from institutional investors through the issuance of shares
  • Help them in securing finance clients for the organization
  • Help them in lending their money to borrowers 
  • Help in preparing a financial model for the organization
  • Help in preparing and managing the organization’s cash flows and account for the same
  • Performing other finance roles

Examples of career positions in finance include finance planner, quantitative analyst, securities trader, portfolio manager, financial analyst, investment banker, etc. Most institutions require a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, banking, and business administration to qualify for the finance posts. A finance job can earn you between $95,770 and $186,030 per annum, depending on your role in the organization.

15. Beauty Jobs

Many hands with cosmetics brush, shadows doing make up of glamour Asian girl.

As the name echoes, these jobs are related to beautification or improving the clients’ looks. Examples of tasks in this field include applying beauty treatments, removing hair, providing skin therapies, managing client appointments, hairdressing, etc. Whether you intend to invest in this field or to pitch for employment, you must know how to mix the body treatment chemicals and perform various procedures.

Indeed, most organizations might ask for a training certification and proof of your experience before acceptance. Examples of careers you can pursue in this field include makeup artist, skincare specialist, cosmetic surgeon, corporate instructor, image stylist, etc. According to, the salary for beauty jobs lies between $17,500 and $127,500 per year, depending on your role in the organization or business.

16. Performing Arts

Female Ballet Student At Performing Arts School.

If you have a passion for singing or acting and can present something worth viewers’ attention to, you can try your luck in the performing arts industry. The field involves practices like singing, music production, dancing, acting, etc. Examples of jobs you can pursue in this industry include a drama teacher, singer, costume designer, lighting designer, set designer, dancer, and makeup artist, among others.

Most theater managers and other organizations might require a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field and perhaps proof of experience to approve you for a job. The estimated median annual salary for performing arts jobs is $48,937. 

17. Security/ Protective

Male security guard using portable radio transmitter indoors.

This field deals with protecting different properties, including buildings and their occupants, business premises, vehicles, and other valuables. Many security agencies tend to employ trainees, and the best bet is to register with them. The minimum qualification for most training apprenticeships is a high school diploma or equivalent.

The major tasks involved in most security jobs may include:

  • Inspecting and patrolling premises fit any security issues
  • Recording and reporting any suspicious activities
  • Authorizing the entry of people and vehicles on the premises
  • Installing and Monitoring surveillance cameras
  • Preparing and submitting daily security reports etc

The estimated wage for most security officers ranges between $11.40 and $20.92 per hour

18. Religious Jobs

The saint priest in the heaven.

These are jobs that are offered by religious denominations. The common tasks involved in most religious jobs include:

  • Encouraging people to commit themselves to their faith and observe their teachings
  • Explaining and interpreting scriptures and other religious teachings
  • Officiate in the common religious ceremonies
  • Offering guidance and counseling to the members of their faith
  • Monitoring the progress of that group of faith and reporting the same
  • Performing other religious functions
  • Fighting for the rights of that religion

To qualify for these jobs, you must meet the requirements of the subject religion. Examples of jobs you can pursue in this field include religious rights advocate, minister, missionary, clergy person, community center director, community developer, etc. The pay for most religious jobs depends on your role in that line of faith. 

19. Sports And Leisure

Cyclist in maximum effort in a road outdoors.

The sports and leisure industry deals mainly with sports or activities that improve people’s health and fitness. Depending on your position in the industry, you might have to perform duties like:

  • Coaching athletes to improve their performance
  • Maintain the sporting facilities in a good shape
  • Offer guidance and counseling to the athletes
  • Enlighten athletes on the best diet to improve their bodies
  • Prepare reports for their teams and present them to the relevant authorities, etc

Examples of jobs you can target in this field include football coach, swimming instructor, events manager, cycling coach, tour guide, personal trainer, etc. The salary for sports and leisure jobs lies between $31,000 and $155,000. 

20. Transportation Jobs

Workers unloading boxes from van outdoors.

If you are fond of traveling, you can convert your hobby into a transportation career and earn income from it.

Generally, transportation jobs may entail:

  • Packaging the products for transportation
  • Getting the necessary documentation
  • Servicing the vehicle
  • Planning routes
  • Allocating drivers
  • budgeting for transportation, etc

The educational qualifications for transportation jobs depend on the position you are interested in. For instance, if you are applying for a driver’s post, you must have a high school diploma and a valid driving license. The salaries for transportation jobs range between $36,000 and $100,000.