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ZenBusinesss LLC Service Guide (Based on Experience) – How it works, pros, cons and worth it?

Financial freedom is everyone’s ultimate dream. Unless you enjoy slaving the 9-5 (and there’s nothing wrong with that), opening a business offers you an opportunity of becoming your boss, and a way of accomplishing this is to take that risk- after all, fortune favors the brave.

Owning and operating a business involves lots of hard work. Let’s face it, you have a lot on your plate as a small business entity, and to add on that pile, you need your LLC certificate to avoid being on the wrong side of the government. Indeed, the entire process of incorporation is cumbersome. The whole registration process requires you to be keen. If you are looking at venturing into entrepreneurship but lack the necessary skills needed for business formation- don’t worry. We got your back.

A quick Google search for “how-to-register a business” yields hundreds of results. Often, a business owner quickly feels overwhelmed and confused. Fortunately for you, I’ve taken the time to comb through the tons of information on incorporation to develop one of the best means of accomplishing this. Using an Incorporation service company comes in handy here to handle all your legal forms.

This detailed article will delve into how you can incorporate your company using Zen Business- one of the best in the industry that offers LLC formation service at an affordable rate.

In this Zen Business review I shall take you through the entire process of setting up an LLC with the firm, some pros and cons and what my thoughts are on the entire incorporation process.

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ZenBusiness Core Value

Founded in 2015, ZenBusiness PBC is an LLC formation company that prides itself on providing small, medium, and large business owners with solutions to challenges involving opening, operating and growing their businesses.

Despite being the new kid on the block, this Austin based firm packs a punch. Thanks to remaining true to their core values and culture, the company has built up a stellar reputation- driving its popularity with businesses.

Zen Business provides a complete package for small business owners. These include business formation, operating agreement, compliance support, and will help you apply for the Employer Identification Number (EIN). Should you need registered agent service for any state correspondence or advice, Zen business has your back. You need not worry about annual reports, impending lawsuits, tax filing information, and legal advice.

Getting Started: the 17 steps on how to incorporate with ZenBusiness

Online incorporation service simplifies how a small business adheres to compliance. It offers a worry free guarantee that your business filing will be legal. Thus, Zenbusiness incorp offers you that service through a personalized dashboard.

Step- 1

Screenshot of ZebBusiness Get Started webpage.

The first step involves selecting the type of business you are going to form. You have the option of either an LLC or a Corporation. Under the next drop-down menu, you will select the state in which you wish to incorporate it.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness pricing.

Once you’re done with that, you will choose which features are ideal for your LLC needs. For this, you have the option of choosing an LLC formation package. There is a starter pack, a pro plan, and a premium plan. They come with varying benefits, geared to smoothen the entire process.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness detailed pricing.

Here’s a black and white explanation of what you are paying for and makes the selection process a walk in the park as everything is laid out for you.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness account registration.

As expected, fill up your name as well as any suffix (though this is optional). Ensure to fill up your names as they appear on your government-issued I.D. Don’t use any nicknames. Your phone number is a requirement too as part of your contacts. Remember, this is not the name of your entity.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness physical address form.

This address is separate from your residential one. Ideally, it should be where the business entity will be operating from, that is, the physical address. Additionally, the address must operate within legal hours. It must also be within the same state you are incorporating in.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness business name form.

This step involves inputting your desired LLC or Corporate name. ZenBusiness takes the responsibility of doing a background check on your business name choice to not bother with this.



Screenshot of ZenBusiness contact information form.

Fill in the business entity email address, telephone number, and business address for official communication.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness features.

Once done with the previous step, it will direct you to this page. Click on the “next” button. The next page will query whether you need the above features or not.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness turnaround time.

Please note that these turnaround periods vary from state to state. In my case, I selected Delower for my state of incorporation. If you wish to expedite the process, you have two options to pick from- all depending on your urgency.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness EIN form.

In line with ZenBusiness’s goal of simplifying the incorporation process, you can choose to have assistance with securing your EIN.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness registered agent service.

Here you have a choice of add on to your base package. Registered agents will be further covered later on in the article.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness compliance service.

Yet another meaningful add on you can opt to use. Please find a detailed explanation of this feature in the article.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness LCC operating agreement.

Operating agreements are necessary to form an LLC. If you don’t have one, consider clicking on yes and adding this feature to your package.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness business document templates library.

For those looking to lessen the stress of running a business, purchasing this option will do wonders for you.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness information confirmation page.

Congratulations! You are almost there. Double-check to ensure everything is correct before clicking on next.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness verification form.

Verify if everything is okay before proceeding. Note that the state fee once more varies from state to state.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness debit or credit card details form.

It’s time to make it official. Provide your debit or credit card details to finish the payment process. All you have to do now is to sit back and wait for your LLC certificate.


Screenshot of ZenBusiness packages.


Running a business involves lots of stress and pressure. Partnering with a knowledgeable partner like ZenBusiness eases this burden. Start-ups wishing to usher in a new age of success can take advantage of the firm’s services. These includes:

Formation Plans

Screenshot of ZenBusiness formation plans.

Each business is unique and has varying needs. Depending on how fast you require your LLC certification, there are three packages to choose from. The starter at $49, Pro at $249, and premium at $349 (all these are minus the state fees).

Registered Agent

Screenshot of ZenBusiness registered agent service.

By law, LLCs and Corporations in the U.S. are required to appoint and maintain a registered agent. The statutory agent’s address is used for receiving any legal document for the renewal of the businesses’ charter. The agent could be an employee of the company or a third party, i.e., ZenBusiness.

Worry Free Compliance

Screenshot of ZenBusiness worry free compliance service.

As an entrepreneur, you are obligated to comply with all state rules and regulations. Among these is filing your deadlines and annual reports. Failure to do so opens you to fines and litigation, increased liability, and possibly losing your LLC protection.

This ground-breaking innovation sends alerts to you; this what you can comply with your legal requirements. The package includes two yearly amendments and offers expert support should you miss a filing.

EIN Service

Screenshot of ZenBusiness EIN service.

An Employer Identification Number (EIN), also known as the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), is a set of 9- digits assigned by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) to businesses operating in the U.S.

It’s used for identification, staff hiring, staff tax reporting, opening a bank account for the business through a banking resolution, and gaining staff tax reporting financing. The EIN separates you from the LLC, thereby reducing your liability.

Operating Agreement Template

Screenshot of ZenBusiness operating agreement benefits.

LLCs use this critical document to outline the companies’ operational and financial decisions- including rules, provisions, and regulations. Once signed by all the LLC members, it acts as an official, legally binding contract.

Annual Reports

ZenBusiness makes filing and reporting easy and straightforward. They offer you unlimited access to professional staff along with automated technology via user personalized dashboards. Keeping track of your documents has never been easier.

Types of ongoing annual filing requirements

  • Initial reports
  • Annual report/biennial statement
  • Statement filing fees
  • Franchise tax
  • Articles of Amendment
  • New York Publications

Screenshot of ZenBusiness certificate benefits.

Under section 206 of the New York State Limited Liability Company law, entities forming LLC in New York must publish a notice of the formation in two separate newspapers. Similarly, the newspapers need to be located within the same county where the LLC’s offices are located.


ZenBusiness logo

Despite being young compared to other LLC formation companies, the firm commands thousands of happy clients’ loyalty. Additionally, it ranks relatively high with leading quality assurance and rating agencies, and this is how they fair:


ZenBusiness BBB rating & accreditation

Trust Pilot

ZenBusiness trust pilot


  • At $49 (plus state fees), the starter package is one of the most competitive packages available.
  • ZenBusiness review shows excellent customer reviews. They have thousands of positive customer feedback owing to their customer service.
  • Free search- available in all the plans- on the business name you’re considering for your LLC.
  • Hustle free online formation of an LLC.
  • Additional services like website creation, end year filing, and reporting make running a business hustle free.
  • Use of technology to lower costs
  • ZenBusiness is socially conscious; is focused on improving the community around them. This year alone- 2020- they’ve awarded more than $100,000 in grants to small businesses.
  • There are no hidden fees or costs. Everything is transparent while dealing with them.
  • Purchases are 100% refundable- when a refund is requested before the LLC has been filed with the state, a $25 fee is deducted and any charges paid by ZenBusiness on your behalf.


  • Their turn around time is challenging. However, this company has little control over the state’s speed, affecting its estimated delivery time.
  • Like most businesses, they share complaints, ranging from difficulty getting support from customer service on Saturdays, confusion during filing paperwork, etc. But, most of these complaints have been resolved promptly.

Customer Reviews

ZenBusiness customer reviews

ZenBusiness customer reviews

ZenBusiness customer reviews

ZenBusiness customer reviews

ZenBusiness customer reviews

ZenBusiness customer reviews

ZenBusiness customer reviews

A quick look at ZenBusiness on trust pilot paints a picture of professionalism and happy clients. Most of the feedback is positive, outweighing the negative feedback. Similarly, most complaints lodged with BBB have been resolved to the client’s satisfaction.


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Within a short period, ZenBusiness has managed to prove it’s worth the salt as a company offering online incorporation services. They are frank with knowledge on LLC formation service and affordable. They have rightfully earned a spot among the best business formation services in the U.S. I recommend it to any individual looking for fast and reliable service. As you’ve seen, they’ve simplified the entire process making it possible for nearly anyone to form a U.S. business. Good luck and Godspeed.

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