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Do Passenger Ratings in Uber Matter? How?

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You no longer have to worry about how you will get from point “A” to point “B”. Uber is a transportation company that allows individuals to use their personal vehicles to help them get to and from their destinations. Uber’s drivers and passengers have similar responsibilities to ensure their ride is perfect.

Uber’s passengers can rate their drivers based on the overall quality of the ride. Likewise, Uber drivers can rate their passengers based on their overall ride experience. Here’s what you need to know about Uber passenger ratings.

What Is an Uber Passenger Rating?

An Uber passenger rating is the rating an Uber driver gives their passenger based on different factors, such as how respectful the passenger is and how long they were kept waiting.

Are Uber Drivers Required to Rate Their Passengers?

Yes. Before an Uber ride can be marked completed by an Uber driver, the driver must rate the passenger(s). Uber’s drivers are required to rate their passengers to ensure that passengers remain on their best behavior.

What Ride Share Criteria Do Uber Drivers Use to Rate Passengers?

Every Uber driver has their own set of criteria they use to rate their passengers. With most Uber drivers, every passenger begins their ride with a total of five stars. Based on the passenger’s behavior, a passenger can maintain their five-star rating or obtain a lesser rating.

There are different things Uber passengers can do to help them maintain their five-star rating, such as, not leaving a mess in the vehicle, being available at the designated pick-up location, and not making the driver wait. It’s also a nice gesture to tip the driver, but not required.

Can Uber Passengers See The Rating Their Driver Provided?

Uber’s passengers can view the rating they received from their drivers once they rate the driver. Keep in mind, that passengers can only see their individual rating and not their rating in comparison to other passengers. A passenger’s overall rating is based on their last 100 rides.

What Is the Best Rating for an Uber Passenger?

In general, most Uber passengers have a rating of 4.7 stars to five stars. Uber passenger ratings that are 3.5 stars or less are not ideal passenger ratings, and ratings of this type will often cause Uber drivers to choose a nearby passenger instead of accepting the current ride request. Uber passenger ratings that are 4 stars or higher are more likely to have their ride request accepted.

What Happens If You Obtain a Low Uber Passenger Rating?

Uber’s passengers who have a low rating are less likely to get Uber rides. Uber’s drivers are cautious when it comes to picking up riders who have less than a four-star rating. Because these drivers are taking extra precautions, passengers who have low ratings will find it difficult to find an Uber ride.

Although a passenger’s ride rating can be improved, it can be a challenge to improve the score, since many Uber drivers are not as willing to accept ride requests from low-rated passengers.

Can Uber Drivers Refuse Ride Requests?

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Yes. An Uber driver can refuse a ride request. However, the refusal can affect their driver score, which is public to Uber riders on the Uber platform. When a ride request is sent to an Uber driver, they are provided with minimal information.

These drivers can’t see your name, phone number, or your gender. Little information is shared about Uber passengers, so it is difficult for drivers to discriminate against certain genders or races. An Uber driver is allowed to refuse any ride request they choose without an explanation.

Does Tipping an Uber Driver Affect a Passenger’s Rating?

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Tipping an Uber driver can affect your rating, but you should tip the driver out of appreciation, not to improve your passenger rating. Being polite, respectful, and tipping can get you a good Uber passenger score, but keep in mind, that tipping may not be enough to obtain a good passenger rating if your behavior was poor.

Can Uber Drivers Leave Comments for Uber Passengers?

Drivers on the Uber platform are not able to leave comments for passengers. However, they can leave a detailed rating pertaining to their overall ride experience that includes the passenger’s overall attitude, alternate directions, wait time, and more.

How Often Does the Uber App Update Passenger Ratings?

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The good news is Uber updates passenger ratings in real-time. Once a passenger rates their driver, and the driver rates their passenger, the ride is marked complete. Once the ride is completed, the passenger’s rating will be updated, revealing the latest rating.

How Do You Check Your Uber Passenger Rating?

In order to check your Uber passenger rating, open the Uber app and log in. Once you’re logged in, tap the menu icon (the icon with three horizontal lines in the top left corner). Under your photo and picture, you will see your Uber passenger rating.

Can You Improve Your Uber Passenger Rating?

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Sure! As long as your passenger account with Uber is valid, you can improve your passenger score. If you are not pleased with your passenger score, you can take different steps to improve your score and maintain a good passenger score. The first thing you need to do is make sure you are at the designated pick-up location.

If you have luggage or bags, make sure they are packed and ready for you to pick up and go when the driver arrives. If you have a lot to carry, let your driver know, just in case you’re delayed.

Being polite and having manners play a major role in your Uber passenger rating. When you enter the car, make sure you speak, and maybe ask how their day is going. Holding a conversation is fine, just avoid asking about the driver’s personal life, as this can be offensive to some drivers.

Sometimes you can’t avoid making a mess. If you make a mess, notify the driver and clean the mess as best you can. One of the worst things you can do is leave a mess for the driver to clean up.

Chances are, they have another ride request once they drop you off at your destination, and having to clean a mess can delay them with their other ride requests.

As an Uber passenger, there are certain rules you must follow to ensure your comfort and safety, and the comfort and safety of the driver. Treat your Uber ride like your first impression of a job interview. Always be respectful, polite, and put your best foot forward.

Your Uber passenger rating will thank you!