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25 Popular Types of Freelance Jobs (Work from home – Yaay!)

Shot of hands on a keyboard and mouse in front of a large monitor with post it notes stuck on it beside a cup of coffee, pencils, a ruler, an eyeglass on papers, a calculator, wallet, and indoor plant on a wooden desk.

Freelancing continues to become even more popular for people who don’t do well in strict corporate environments. There are around 53 million people in the United States alone who are freelancing. That is approximately 34% of the national workforce of the US.

This chunk of the workforce is responsible for an estimated $715 billion in earnings for the country. This shows how important and vast the freelancing market has become. It has opened a lot of opportunities for people who want to work from home.

There are plenty of freelance job opportunities available on the internet from all over the world.

Millions of companies throughout the world need people who can complete different projects. If you possess the necessary skills to complete this work, you can end up with a good income from a remote location. There are hundreds of freelance jobs that companies often require, but the 25 jobs below are the most popular.

If you have the skills to do any of the ones below, you should consider entering the freelancing market.

Web Development and Designing

Marking website design sketches on draft papers using colorful markers.

Web design and development is one of the most in-demand jobs in the world. Every business, venture, and idea needs a website, which means that millions of people need a web designer to assist them. It can be easier to hire a freelancer than contact an expensive company to design a website, especially if it is a startup.

If you are planning on becoming a freelancer, you need to know about designing and coding. For such jobs, you need to be well-versed in coding languages like Java, Dreamweaver, and others. The more languages you have in your arsenal, the more jobs you can get.

It will also help you to design websites easily since you will know which language will suit the design needs. Knowledge about SEO and WordPress could also come in handy at such times.


Photographer looking behind the camera.

Freelance photography is a really popular form of freelancing. For this task, you must have a genuine passion for photography and a level of experience. You will also need to create an impressive portfolio of different types of photography like modeling, product, architecture, videography, and more.

You will also need some good gear so that you can make a fruitful career out of this venture. You will also need to have skills in post-processing, editing, and retouching; this will involve the knowledge of different software like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Teaching and Tutoring

Young woman wearing a headphone and holding a pen on a notebook while sitting in front of a laptop.

For those teachers who can’t work full-time in schools with lots of children, tutoring online is a great option. It is significantly easier to work as a freelance tutor, and it can even pay more than regular teaching. The timings are also flexible, which means you can design your classes according to your own timetable.

Online tutors usually use Skype, WhatsApp, or Google Hangout to teach their students.

All you have to do is organize different lectures and sessions for the student. You must be knowledgeable about your area of expertise and have a certain level of social skills. You will need to effectively teach the student through different methods so that the knowledge is accessible and understandable.

Writing and Copywriting

Typing on a laptop.

Writing is still one of the most popular freelancing jobs that people can get. People are always in need of articles, blogs, eBooks, speeches, press releases, and other types of content to go on their websites and social media pages. Freelance can include anything from creative writing and ghostwriting to writing for a business website.

To become a freelance writer, you need to have great writing skills. You should also be able to complete articles and essays quickly so that you have a good output. There are a few ways to kick-start your freelance copywriter career, and many sites like UpWork are available for work as well.

Creative Design

Man working in front of two monitors while holding a keyboard and mouse.

Creative design is actually a really vast field of work. It can include a lot of different projects a simple PowerPoint presentation to designing a desktop with Adobe Photoshop. It is important to learn software like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and PowerPoint.

For this, you need a lot of practice and experience so that you can do it quickly and easily. You will also need to build a portfolio beforehand so that you can show clients your work. It is important to keep learning about creative design trends so that you can hit the target audience with more impact. This will give you an edge over other designers.

Data Entry Jobs

Working on a notebook showing various graphs on screen.

Data entry jobs are perhaps the most popular and easiest jobs that you can get as a freelancer. There is nothing new about these jobs, and you don’t need a high level of skill to complete these tasks at all. For example, you might have to see images of a document and write it down into a word file or spreadsheet. Most data entry persons have a certain amount of pages that they will have to complete in a day.

For this job, you will need a quick typing speed so that you can do plenty of work in a day. You will also need to have the patience to do monotonous tasks like data entry.

Sales and Marketing

Workstation with a sales marketing concept shown on screen of a monitor.

Marketing and sales is a huge industry that is constantly evolving towards new and better things. Freelance marketing and sales jobs mean that you have to generate leads for your client. You also have to market their products, mainly through social media and other online platforms.

You may also have to market through emails, posts, blogs, SEO, and other methods.

For such jobs, the freelancer needs to have some kind of experience in marketing, especially affiliate marketing. It will most likely be done on the internet rather than mainstream media, so you must have knowledge about how online platforms work.

Graphics Designing

Woman sketching on a drawing pad while looking at a computer monitor on her workstation.

Graphic Designing is a market mainly dominated by freelance workers. They create all the necessary graphics for electronic and print media from simple posters to huge billboards. Graphic designers are in huge demand since there are a lot of places where graphics are needed so that the message is more visually appealing.

Graphic designing is a really hard task and can’t be done on a whim. People have to take professional courses and attain some experience before they are good enough to acquire jobs as a freelancer.

Mobile App Development

Man holding a mobile phone while looking over icons of mobile apps on a white board with plenty of concept doodles.

App development has become a really popular market, especially for platforms like Windows and Apple. Recently, with the Huawei and Google shakeup, Huawei has also started developing its own operating system and app market. This makes it really easy to find jobs as a mobile app user.

You will need a passion for app development since every app has to be different. It should also cater to the core idea of the app and be easy to use so that more people download the application. You need to be well-versed on what sort of app development is needed for platforms like Apple iOS or MS Windows.

Everyone wants to hire the best app developers, so make sure to work on your skills constantly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO concept with a woman's hand holding a stylus pen on a tablet.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a really popular freelancing job since every business wants to rank better on Google.

People have an uncanny habit of only looking through the first few search results, so Google has developed an algorithm to ensure that they get the most relevant results. Through SEO, you help a website of a client rank higher on Google. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the same thing as SEO.

To become an SEO freelancer, you must know about things like link building, how Google behaves, the Panda effect, how to rank high on Google, different tools to rank better, etc.

Branding and Public Relations

Man sitting by a window while holding a cup with a laptop sitting on his lap.

Public Relations and branding freelancing jobs are in high demand as they can be done from a remote location. The campaigns are run entirely through the internet, which is why many freelancers are turning to such jobs.

The main purpose of branding and PR person is to market a product or brand name. You will need some experience to ensure that you can connect with the target audience in the right way. Each brand is different and requires unique tactics to get to the audience. Such skills can only come through practice.

Admin Support or Assistance

Woman smiling as she listens on her mobile phone while sitting in front of her workstation with an open laptop and pens on containers.

Administration support and assistance are needed by many clients. There are many businesses and ventures that need virtual management and assistance on different projects.

For such jobs, you need to have really great organization skills. You will need to keep track of different things like meetings, appointments, deadlines, etc. It can also mean keeping track of ordering supplies for the office or paying bills.

Usually, people who do such jobs have some kind of experience or background in assistance; however, with practice, anyone can become a freelance admin assistant.

3D Modeling and CAD

Man looking at his laptop with concept graphs on screen while holding a ruler on draft papers.

3D Modeling and CAD is a very technical and advanced jobs. If you have the right background and skills for it, you will find a lot of work as a 3D Modeling and CAD designer.

For such jobs, you will definitely need a formal degree even though no freelancing job requires a degree as a background. Basic education via a degree is the only way you will have enough knowledge and experience to do such jobs. Due to this very reason, there aren’t a lot of freelancers for 3D Modeling and CAD. This makes it a really coveted and well-paying job.

Game Development

Man sitting in front of a dual monitor showing game concepts on screen.

Game development is kind of similar to app development. You will be in charge of developing games that can be playing online or offline. This includes the set, characters, features, controls, etc.

This will require you to have a really good understanding and knowledge base for different gaming software. You may also need prior experience as a game developer.


Businessman and woman shaking hands with another pair of woman and man in suit between them.

Translation jobs are really important to our society. Since the world is becoming more global, translation freelance jobs are increasing in demand. You will need to translate from one language to another for your client as a freelance translator. You can also work as a legal or medical translator if you have the experience and knowledge base.

You will need to have fluency in at least two languages. The most popular world languages are usually French, English, Chinese, and German, but people always need translators for all sorts of languages. The future of translation is really great.

Web Research

Back view of a woman typing on a laptop.

Internet or web research is a really easy job for freelancers since you will need to perform some basic market research. Freelance web researchers are given all sorts of tasks such as taking polls, forms, or surveys. This is all basic research work that can be done through platforms like Google Forms.

The skills you need as a freelance web researcher include knowledge about various websites and internet browsing. You will have to spend a long time on the internet, so you should definitely take that into account before searching for such jobs.

Legal Services

Woman looking over two pieces of papers in front of an open laptop sitting on a wooden desk with a vintage lamp behind the window blinds.

Legal services are mainly held by students of law or law graduates. Many law students find that they don’t want to work in law firms after they graduate due to the stressful environment and competition. This is one of the biggest reasons that people turn towards freelancing legal services, which can be quite challenging and interesting.

Clients may seek help in various situations like criminal, property, corporate, family, and paralegal services. Since there is such a huge demand for services, freelancers find great jobs with good money.

For such jobs, you will need the right legal background. Through this venture, you will be consulting with clients and will need good social and legal skills to comb through the tasks.


Young woman wearing a headphone while writing on a notebook.

Transcription jobs can be anything from general to legal. There are many research and journalism firms also that often need to get interviews transcribed. Medical jobs are also really popular among freelance transcribers.

For this task, you will need really great listening and typing skills. You will also need to develop the skill of multi-tasking since you will need to listen to audio and transcribe the audio rapidly. You can’t keep pausing after each sentence to write since that can take too long.

Article and Blog Writing

Man typing on a laptop.

We did mention copywriting previously in this article, but blog and article writing is actually pretty different. It involves writing different pieces for bloggers. This can include their life history, niche writing, or creative writing.

You will need to have decent writing skills and the ability to do niche writing. Most bloggers require you to be an interactive and relatable writer, which means you can be casual in your writing.

Customer Service

Shot of a woman's smile while holding the mic piece of her headset.

Customer service jobs may not be as popular as other freelancing types, but there are plenty available. You may be required to give technical support to the client or deal with customers in a new startup.

This job will require you to have really great communication skills so that you can interact with clients easily. You will also need to have good knowledge about the particular field you are working for since you will be asked all sorts of questions from customers.

Social Media Coordinator

Concept of social media

Social Media Coordinator and community manager jobs can only be done by people with the correct level of experience. You will need to manage all sorts of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and more. You will have to manage and keep track of all and any social media accounts for your client.

This means that you will need to have an idea of how to engage with people and deal with them. This will require serious organization and communication skills.

Logo Design and Illustration

Artist making a sketch on a sketch pad in front of a large monitor showing logo designs, a keyboard, makers, pencils, paints, and more.

Logo design and illustrations jobs are really interesting and fun opportunities. You will need to be a little creative each time so that you can create magical illustrations. This will require you to have design and graphics skills.

You will also need to know how to do branding and have an aesthetically pleasing taste. As an added responsibility, you will need to deal with all sorts of client demands, so be ready for that. There is a lot of work in this field, though, so you will end up getting plenty of clients if you are talented enough.

Audio and Video Production

Woman holding a cup of coffee and mouse in front of a dual monitor showing a music video edits on screen.

Audio and video producers will need a good level of understanding of recording, editing, and producing videos and audio. If you have some work experience, you will be able to do this task easily. You will also need to know how to use certain software like Premiere, etc.

Human Resource Management

Back view of a woman sitting opposite a trio of two men and a woman in suits.

HR management is a fundamental part of any company, which is why there are plenty of jobs available in the job market.

You can do this job online and offline. You will need to have good work experience and a resume for this task. You may also need a good network and contacts with other HR managers. This task is for more experienced executives rather than a newbie.

Architecture Services

Tp view of an architect working ona blueprint with a ruler, triangle, and a cup of coffee.

There are plenty of architecture services that you can do as a freelancer. The most popular one among them is interior design. You can deal with your customers from the comfort of your home. You must have some educational background or training in architecture for this task. For interior designing, it is important to know your client’s vision and have a good sense of aesthetics.

Freelancing has opened the door for many people. Any set of technical skills can be molded into a great freelancing career for you.